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April 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 4

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April 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 4 Surviving COVID - 19

Thanks for Digital My

Thanks for Digital My dad has been in Law Enforcement for over 40 years. Every month he always brought home a copy of The Blues and I always read it cover to cover. I just graduated the academy a few months ago and imagine how excited I was to see The Blues was back as a digital magazine. And wow is it is better than ever. Keep up the good work. Andrew K. the other bills associated with a small business. It isn’t easy to run a small business even in the best of times, much less when the local government shuts you down for an extended period of time. And I’m sure there are many more small business owners facing the same nightmare as BK. So, let’s keep these guys in our prayers and when they do reopen, let’s form a line out the door and flood them with business. on there own. Not now according to the new training methods for less experienced Officers or Officers graduating from the Police Academy, it’s more of a kid gloves approach. If you subject the Officers to handling primary on most of the calls, it’s no longer training it’s punishment. I recently endured a pre-certified Officer, who came to the agency I am with that had three years What a Proud Father If you know you’re going to under there belt. NOTE I said three get a tattoo in the next few months years not three years of experience. you must be. and you have the cash, maybe call During the Officers first three years, I just finished reading all about BK and send him a deposit. Or any he/she never made a felony arrest this fine young man from Florida that has dedicated his life to We need to do everything we can arrest. Facts told all he/she did was of the advertisers here in The BLUES. nor a simple misdemeanor drug honoring fallen first responders. do to help him and other businesses work as a SRO in one of the local And as a father of one of those survive. Sgt. B. Walker schools. first responders, I can’t express Now that Officer may have not the gratitude I have for Zechariah. had any experience in Police work, What an inspiration you are to all Traing to be Real Cops. but he/she was highly recommended from the Sheriff she worked for the youth in this country. To your I have been in Law-enforcement dad, Mr. Cartledge you must be now for 25 years. When I graduated and the Commonwealth Attorney in one proud father to have raised from the academy in 2002 and entered the Field Training stage, you How can DCJS just certify some- that jurisdiction. such a fine young man. Congratulations to both of you and thank had to show your agency that you one like that under Virginia Law. you from the bottom of my heart. wanted to be there. That meaning During my 12 weeks of field training David F. as the new Officer you had better in 2002 I know I made at least 20 step up to the plate and take most felony arrests and multiple misdemeanor arrest as well. The traffic or sometime all the calls for service, even if it was in your patrol or docket had my name on most of Let’s support those who support us not. That also meant if there were it, because I wrote a shit load of Unbelievable! That’s the only way I know how to describe these past last few weeks. This virus has kicked our butts in Law Enforcement and even more so to those any reports needing to be done, you better step up and do them. Back in my day Field Training was a right of passage, from recruit Officer to being a actual Police Officer. tickets. Oh and let’s not forget Field Interview Cards. It’s sad that most not all Officers these days just want to wear the uniform as a Police Officer and not who own small businesses. One of Now the Field Training Officer was do the job as one. About five years * Up to 4 kids of FIRST RESPONDERS. Must show this ad and your ID. Valid anytime. those in particular is BK at Prison there to help the new Officer along ago I worked with a Officer who I Discount is off regular prices. Can not be combined with other specials. Tattoos who graced the cover of the way to get them up to par and thought was worthless, BOY!!! Did this fine magazine only a month or subject them to the actual reality he prove me wrong. He has gotten ** 25% OFF Party Packages, not total price. so ago. Not only is BK on the front of Police work. The Field Training the MADD Award like three years lines fighting crime knowing he Officer was there to be a mentor alone and he even teaches at the 10000 EMMETT LOWRY F. EXPRESSWAY could be exposed any minute to not your friend. Now once that new Police Academy. He is one hell of an FM1765 Officer. Maybe he/she might do the @ I-45 COVID 19, he has a closed business Officer was released from Field to worry about as well. The rent Training, he or she will have the same, but as right now I dougbt it, 409.316.9335 - still must be paid, as well as the basic concepts on how to do there but again I could be wrong. insurance and the lights and all job, once they are released to patrol John Conner 10 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 11

The BLUES - Digital Issues 2020-2023

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