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APRIL 2022. Blues Vol 38 No. 4

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APRIL 2022. Blues Vol 38 No. 4 FEATURES 50 2022 Annual Texas Police Chief’s Conference 56 Vote Their Ass Out 64 Remembering Those We’ve Lost to COVID 66 Remembering Those We’ve Lost to LOD Deaths 80 Lifetime Achievement Award-Chief Raymond Garivey DEPARTMENTS 8 Publisher’s Thoughts 12 Editor’s Thoughts 14 Your Thoughts 16 News Around the US 46 Where to Eat - Big Phil’s Soul Creole Cafe 48 Training - Peelian Principle#7 100 War Stories 102 Aftermath 104 Open Road 108 Healing Our Heroes 110 Daryl’s Deliberations 114 HPOU - From the President, Douglas Griffith 116 Light Bulb Award - Get Out of Jail Free 118 Running 4 Heroes 120 Blue Mental Health with Dr. Tina Jaeckle 122 Ads Back in the Day 126 Parting Shots 128 Now Hiring - L.E.O. Positions Open in Texas 156 Back Page


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR REMEMBERING TWO HEROES HARRIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPUTY DARREN ALMENDAREZ ANOTHER HERO IS MURDERED HERE IN HARRIS COUNTY SERVING & PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITIES! Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of a fellow brother in blue, Harris County Sheriff Investigator Darren Almendarez. The men and women of Constable Mark Herman’s Office send our deepest condolences to his family, loved ones and the entire Sheriff’s Office. Rest In Peace brother! MARK HERMAN, HARRIS COUNTY CONSTABLE PRECINCT 4 Ride along with auto theft investigator Deputy Almendarez, who has been with the HCSO for 22 years. ( SOTexas/videos/311491134228248 ) The used vehicle market is hot right now and Deputy Almendarez is warning the public to take these steps to avoid buying a stolen vehicle: - If a price is too good to be true, it probably is. - Check to make sure the public VIN on the driver’s side dashboard matches the VIN on the mylar stickers on the driver’s door jam. - Meet in a safe public place like a police station. An ignorant and senseless act, lead to the life of this gentleman, being cowardly taken. Kudos to Officer Almendarez, doing his best, to protect himself, his wife and possibly others. GODSPEED SIR! IRENE ROMO GARCIA A True Hero. My most sincere Condolences to the Immediate Family, Wife and Children. May he Rest In Peace, His Life was Snatched away by these senseless criminals, Who have No respect for Life, Human beings, Law Enforcement, May they throw the book at them, So tired of all these killings, WE NEED CHANGE IN OUR COURTS, STELLA T CAVAZOS HARRIS COUNTY DEPUTY CONSTABLE JENNIFER CHAVIS Most people, when asked “What does a Hero look like, to you?” Some will describe, Superman, Superwoman, Batman and Catwoman. Others would describe, all kinds of big time Professional Athletes. Or, movie and music industry stars. Real Heroes though, don’t wear capes. They don’t make millions of dollars and they’ll never be “A Star” In fact, a real Hero, is rarely even known, spoken of or admired until, they do something so extraordinarily amazing, you’d never even know them. Most would, walk right by them, like they didn’t even exist. Such Heroes, ask for nothing and want nothing really, in return for so much sacrifice of themselves. Even up to the point where, they’ve given their very lives so others might live. Those very other who, all the times before, walked right past them. Deputy Jennifer Chavis was in fact, just such a Hero. She never asked for anything but, a fair shot. The opportunity to be, one good cop. To give of herself, to ensure others in her community, didn’t have to do anything but, live, laugh and love without fear. Because, she was there. To be fair, I only met Jennifer in passing once. When I saw her photograph and her name, I was taken back to that moment where, her smile illuminated the entire room. She was, a light in the midst of darkness. Truly, an inspiration to everyone who met her and the very epitome of what a real “Hero” actually is. In a time where Law Enforcement is under unprecedented scrutiny, animosity and completely unwanted hatred, Jennifer absolutely exemplified who, not what, we really are. Just good people, trying to do a good job so other good people can enjoy their lives free from tyranny and fear. Rest easy, Jennifer. You were truly an Angel among us all. And, we’re humbly grateful. In fact “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to even come close to, all that we owe you. God’s speed, my friend. We’ll take it from here. I promise you. We will. REX EVANS, POLICE CHIEF ALABAMA-COUSHATTA POLICE DEPT. A DAILY PRAYER FOR COPS Lord, as I’m on patrol, guide my hands and heart to defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed, rescue the weak and needy and deliver them from the hand of the wicked, in Jesus’ name, Amen Ps. 82:3-4 14 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 15

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