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AUGUST 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 8

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AUGUST 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 8 • FEATURE: Tim Miller, LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD • FEATURE: Texas EquuSearch • FEATURE: Stories of the FBI • FEATURE: Who wants to be a COP • FEATURE: Texas Sheriff's Convention • WARSTORY: Death of a Policeman's Dream • ISLAND TIME: Take a Trip to Galveston • OPEN ROAD: Hennessey Summons Exorcist • BADGE OF HONOR: Leadership Starts with You • DARYL'S DELIBERATIONS: What Does Liberty Look Like • LIGHT BULB AWARD: Seattle AGAIN • BLUE MENTAL HEALTH: Supporting the Mental Health of our Corrections Officers • CONCERNS OF POLICE SURVIVORS: Remembering Fort Worth Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr. • JOB LISTINGS: Hundreds of New Job Openings Across the State


AUGUST 2021 FEATURES 30 TIM MILLER, WINNER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 36 TEXAS EQUUSEARCH, THE BEST OF THE BEST 40 STORIES OF THE FBI 50 WHO WANTS TO BE A COP 76 TEXAS SHERIFFS CONVENTION OUR TEAM OUR CONTRIBUTORS On the Cover Tim Miller, President and Founder of Texas EquuSearch, has been chosen to receive a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from The BLUES. Read all about this incredible man and his quest to locate as many missing persons as humanly possible. 68 72 84 DEPARTMENTS 4 Publisher’s Thoughts 6 Editor’s Thoughts 10 Guest Editorial - Passion for the Job 12 Your Thoughts 14 News Around the State 20 News Around the Country 80 Island Time - Galveston 86 Healing our Heroes - John Salerno, Sam Horwitz 90 Light Bulb Award 92 Blue Mental Health with Dr. Tina Jaeckle 94 Running 4 Heroes 96 Remembering My Hero - Officer Hank Nava, Jr. 100 Honoring our Fallen Heroes 106 Outdoors with Rusty Barron/On Vacation with Rex 108 Marketplace - Discounts for LEOs 114 Parting Shots 116 Now Hiring - L.E.O. Positions Open in Texas 88 DARYL’S DELIBERATIONS by DARYL LOTT 92 BLUE MENTAL HEALTH by TINA JAECKLE MICHAEL BARRON founder & publisher MICHAEL BARRON editor-n-chief REX EVANS contributing editor DIANE TRYKOWSKI creative editor RUSTY BARRON outdoor editor TINA JAECKLE contributing editor DARYL LOTT contributing editor SAM HORWITZ & JOHN SALERNO contributing editors DOUGLAS GRIFFITH HPOU contributing editor JANICE VANZURA sales mgr / austin CHRISTINA FRASER sales mgr / national T. EDISON contributing writer / light bulb CHIEF JOEL F. SHULTS guest editorial RANDY WALLACE contributing writer JAMES BARRAGAN contributing writer ADAM FERRISE contributing writer SARAH D. WIRE contributing writer SANDY MALONE contributing writer JIM DUDLEY podcast host / police 1 LANE DEGREGORY contributing writer LAYLEIGH NAVA contributing writer / COPS COVER PHOTOGRAPHY JOHNNY HANSON houston chronicle The BLUES Police Magazine is published monthly by Kress-Barr, LLC, P.O. Box 2733, League City Texas 77574. The opinions expressed in articles, op-eds and editorials are those of each individual author and do not reflect the opinion of The BLUES or its parent company. Rebuttals or submission of news articles and editorials may be submitted to: The BLUES Police Magazine - The entire contents of The BLUES is copyrighted© and may not be reproduced or reprinted without the express permission of the publisher. The BLUES logo is a Trademark of Kress-Barr, LLC. 2 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 3

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