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FEBRUARY 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 2

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FEBRUARY 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 2

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Continued from Previous Page them all over the lawn. In fact, there in the middle of the lawn, was old DRUGS’ couch and loveseat. About this time, I started to feel sorry for the ole boy. I mean, shit, no one wants their damn house to burn down. As I was about to enter the house and start helping, the Fire Chief comes running out of the house, nearly knocks me on my butt and starts screaming on the radio “DON’T VENT THE ROOF!! DON’T VENT THE ROOF!! DON’T VENT THE ROOF!! Now the last time I heard those words, the building in front of me blew up. SOOOO I rotated 180º and stated running towards the street. As I started past the fire chief, he grabs me by the gun belt and says, “Where the hell are you going bud?” Uhhh to save myself Sir. Don’t bother he says. “To all units, stand down, stand down, we have no fire, I REPEAT WE HAVE NO FIRE!” What do you mean, NO FIRE? You have enough equipment here to put out half of Houston. He takes off his hat and sits down right on old Sarge’s couch, wipes his forehead and says “ Well son, it seems your Sgt. left the ladder to his attic open and the heat from the house worked its way into the attic and caused the frost to burn off the roof, whereby steam is formed…that’s what he thought was smoke. Are you telling me he called all these fire departments out here for STEAM? “YES, SIR HE DID.” At that point I fell down on the couch and started laughing so hard I’m quite sure my pants got at least a little wet from peeing in them. About that time, DRUGS walks out of the house, thanks the Chief for a job well done (what job is that? Steam control? LOL) and then plops down next to me on the couch. “Well Barron, ain’t this something” Uh, yeah, Sarge this is something all right…trying as hard as I could not to start laughing again. “Well I don’t know where to start,” he says. Well I know what I’d do. “What?” he asks. Since all your damn furniture is already on the lawn and your clothes and underwear are here too ( I picked up a sample with my flashlight) I’d go ahead and call U-Haul and rent a truck, ‘cause ain’t no way I’d stay in this neighborhood after you through all your underwear on the lawn for ROOF STEAM!!! OMG, I laughed all the way back to my car and it took 20 minutes before I could even pick up the mic….. 2A09 clear the call ‘unfounded’ it was a case of mistaken SMOKE!!! Nothing to get all STEAMED about. HAHA. If you have a SMOKING HOT WAR STORY to tell, please send it to: Former Harris County Precinct 3 Captain Accused of Sexual Assault of a Minor HOUSTON – A former Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office captain faces two charges in connection with the sexual assault of a girl under the age of 14 from incidents that allegedly began in 1989, according to court records. Jack Hagee, 74, faces felony indecency with a child and aggravated sexual assault of a child under the age of 14 in connection with the allegations, court records show. His accuser, a 38-year-old woman, reported to police that in 1989, when she was about 4 or 5 years old, Hagee began touching her inappropriately and exposing himself to her, according to court docu- ments. The woman told police that by the time she was in kindergarten, Hagee began having regular sexual intercourse with her, which she claimed continued until she started menstruating at age 13, court documents show. Police interviewed two other witnesses who the woman spoke to, court records show. Officials say Hagee was between the ages of 43 and 51 at the time of the alleged offenses. Hagee was employed at the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office from February 1981 through June 2011 and between March 2012 to December 2015, according to the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office. Arlington PD Creates Blue Chip Program for Officer Wellness shared with the department. On each chip, there is a resource website that can be utilized by employees. This program expands services beyond the supportive services the city of Arlington provides to all employees to promote overall wellness. The unit, previously known as CISM or Critical Incident Stress Management, is now rebranded under the Peer Support Team. Team members on Peer Support focus on responding to critical incidents and providing overall wellness initiatives to the department as a whole. The unit is made up of 35 team members, four of which are mental health professionals. Each team member serves in an ancillary role and has other primary duties within the department. The idea of creating “blue The Arlington Police Department continues to bolster and strengthen the department’s officer and employee wellness program. The department has created a “Blue Chip” program to generate awareness and serve as a symbol for employees to take care of themselves. This initiative complements the department’s internal peer support program The chip represents access to fully anonymous mental health services at no cost to employees. Essentially, an employee can obtain confidential counseling and mental health services for free. Service providers are selected based on their understanding of the unique challenges police officers face serving the community. The department participates in anonymous billing with each provid- chips” came from employees who wanted a symbolic token to serve as a reminder on how employees can Continued from PAGE 8 Three Amigos” or “Wet Wendy’s” work so much you forgot how access help when they need it most. 0,000 ..what(this it particular won’t place get is full you. or to take a break. Because I can “The profession has suffered great won’t ever miss a chance to get myself down to Galveston and Police/Fire/EMS patches from around the world) is just what a tell you without reservation, that was a huge mistake, on my part. losses with officer suicides. I am proud of the ongoing efforts to elevate our position and the importance board a Carnival Cruise Ship just Doctor would order. Anyways my friends; Here’s to to take a few days and clear my Whether its Carnival or some sand between our toes, really of this topic with all of our employees,” said Police Chief Will Johnson. head. other line, whether its deer season, rabbit season, duck season, tours, scuba diving, sub riding, cool Pirate stories, zip lines, cave “My goal is to be intentional about I reckon it’s fair to say, the conversations surrounding wellness warm gulf breeze, crystal clear good golf or whatever makes umbrella decorated drinks and and mental health and ensure that waters of the Caribbean, swimming with dolphins or sitting a Zindler used to say, do it. For and great times we can stand!!!! free access to support systems in you happy, as the late Marvin all the good food, good people, all employees have confidential and some bar in Cozumel, like “The God’s sake, don’t do what I did, (or crawl...) er, so employee records are never times of need.” 22 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 23

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