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January 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 1

The BLUES Police Newspaper celebrates 35yrs. of service to Law Enforcement

5 Officers in 5 days !

5 Officers in 5 days ! The heartbreak is overwhelming 2019 LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS KILLED This is a graphic presentation of data regarding line-of-duty deaths, both felonious and accidental, collected from law enforcement agencies across the United States and U.S. territories by the FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted Program. This preliminary information is provided for officer safety studies, training, and other initiatives. The data are also published annually in the Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted publication. Continued from Page 12 Law Enforcement Officers Killed It always has been and always will •The deadliest day in law enforcement history was September 11, Feloniously 39 Officers were killed 0 Officers were killed Officers Feloniously Killed: Weapons Used by Offenders 60 53 be. Darius Quimby was the first 50 with firearms with vehicles known police officer to be killed in 2001, when 72 officers were killed 43 Accidentally 24 Handguns the line of duty on January 3, 1791. 40 39 while responding to the terrorist 37 5 Rifles Quimby was an unpaid officer for attacks on America. 1 Shotgun 30 the Albany County Constables Office. The first Harris County deputy has lost more officers in the line of But your average street punk, turd, 20 1 Unknown •New York City Police Department 8 Not reported killed in the line of duty was Deputy duty than any other department, crook, POS, or whatever you want to 10 Officers Feloniously Killed: Circumstance Encountered Carl F. Court on November 30, 1895, with 899 deaths. Texas has lost 1,751 call them could care less if they go Upon Arrival at Scene of Incident and the first HPD officer killed in the officers, more than any other state. to jail. Because they know what it’s 0 6 Pursuit line of duty was C. Edward Foley on The state with the fewest deaths is like. They got friends inside. You get 2019 to date 2018 same time 6 Tactical situation March 10, 1860. Vermont, with 24. fed, watch TV, workout and before Law Enforcement Officers Killed 2019 to date 2018 same time 5 Traffic violation stop Here are some alarming facts you •There are 1,166 federal officers you know it, you get out early for Feloniously 39 53 5 Unprovoked attack may or may not know: listed on the Memorial, as well as time served, if they even make it to Accidentally 37 43 4 Arrest situation •There are more than 900,000 713 correctional officers, and 43 3 Investigative activity jail. Most bond out, wait months to 2 Ambush (entrapment/premeditation) sworn law enforcement officers military law enforcement officers. go to trial, plead out for some stupid amount of jail time and/or get Call for Service or Reason for Involvement 2 Drug-related matter Officers Accidentally Killed: Type of Accident/ 2 Domestic disturbance now serving in the United States, •There are 348 female officers listed on the Memorial; eleven female probation. Those that get paroled, 17 Motor vehicle crash 2 Robbery which is the highest figure ever. About 12 percent of those are female. While we certainly aren’t having when they do violate their terms, 2 Assist another officer 1 Serving/attempting to serve court order officers were killed in 2018. that’s a joke as well, because even 6 Patrol 1 Disturbance •Crime fighting has taken its toll. the “worst” year for officer deaths, 2 Crime in progress the courts don’t do shit. 1 Administrative assignment Officers Feloniously Killed: Location of Firearm Wounds Since the first recorded police death one death is too many. So why any On the other hand, you have dirtbags that will do anything to keep 1 Investigative/enforcement 4 Neck/throat 1 Shoulder (upper torso) area 1 Escort dignitary or funeral 6 Front head 1 Front below waist/groin area in 1786, there have been over 21,000 deaths at all? Respect or the lack law enforcement officers killed in thereof, is at an all-time low for law from going back to jail. They will 1 Rescue/recovery 4 Front upper torso/chest 1 Side head the line of duty. Currently, there are enforcement. In the “old days” when shoot you, run from you, run over 1 Report of crime 3 Front lower torso/abdomen 1 Unable to determine 21,910 names engraved on the walls a police officer told you to get out you, run over other innocent people 1 Serve/attempt to serve court order 3 Rear head 13 Not reported of the National Law Enforcement of the car, you got your butt out 1 Other 2 Rear upper torso/back that get in their way, or whatever it Officers Memorial. of the car. It was yes sir or no sir. 15 Pedestrian officer struck by vehicle takes to get the hell away from the Officers Feloniously and Accidentally Killed: By Region •A total of 1,582 law enforcement 5 Traffic enforcement If you even looked crossways at a Police. 3 Assist motorist officers died in the line of duty cop, you got your ass kicked. It was The crazy thing is that even if they 2 Assist another officer during the past 10 years, an average a different time and place for sure. did get arrested for whatever violation they committed; they would 1 Administrative assignment NORTHEAST 2 Traffic control of one death every 55 hours or 158 And for the most part, people abided by the law because they didn’t 1 Investigative/enforcement Feloniously Killed: 0 per year. There were 158 law enforcement officers killed in the line want to go to jail. Jails sucked back the paperwork. So, why in the hell probably bond out before you finish 1 Other WEST MIDWEST Accidentally Killed: 3 3 Firearm-related incident Feloniously Killed: 9 of duty in 2018. Feloniously Killed: 9 in the day. The first time I set foot in would you kill a cop? That guarantees you a place on death row or 1 Other accidental 1 Drowning Accidentally Killed: 7 Accidentally Killed: 8 •According to the FBI’s Uniform the old Harris County Jail at 301 San Crime Report 2017 LEOKA report: Jacinto, it was a hell hole. I hated life. It doesn’t make sense, but then There have been 60,211 assaults working at that place, I couldn’t again, I’m not a dirtbag, so I have no PUERTO RICO against law enforcement officers in imagine living there. Going to jail idea what motivates them to make SOUTH Feloniously Killed: 2 2017, resulting in 17,476 injuries. was a deterrent. “Respect the cops. Feloniously Killed: 19 stupid decisions. Accidentally Killed: 0 Accidentally Killed: 19 •The 1920s were the deadliest Don’t mouth off. Do what they tell decade in law enforcement history, you to do when they tell you to do when a total of 2,480 officers died, it. If you stay out of trouble, you’ll All I know is or an average of almost 248 each stay out of jail.” That was my dad’s ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. year. The deadliest year in law enforcement history was 1930, when driver’s license, and it must have STOP KILLING MY advice from the minute I got my first As of December 2, 2019 310 officers were killed. That figure been good advice, because outside BLUE FAMILY! dropped dramatically in the 1990s, of working in the jail, I would have to an average of 162 per year. never seen the inside of one. 14 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 15

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