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July 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 7

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July 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 7

Continued from Page 14

Continued from Page 14 they lost it right there. Leadership? A police commissioner is a figurehead. All orders positions. That is going to be the demise of the city. Anti-crime guys are the guys who the real bad guys are looking guys who won’t think twice about taking another life. When they step out of the car, those were the cops who they are afraid of. out for. Anti-crime guys are These guys have one job and are being set out by the mayor. Continued from Page 12 and dismantled due to the actions of a few. It’s really bad. mayor, and the mayor has ab- unmarked cars. They’ll come trained for and that’s what they you know, from City Hall down. All policy is being set out by the going to drive around in not just one job only. That’s what they I am not ashamed that 25 percent of the blood that courses in our ranks, and I will do every- cops who have a lot of time on is especially in the forgotten the city gets that you wouldn’t over — look for guns, spot guns. We only want the very finest It’s a lot more difficult for the solutely no idea what policing around in other cars, rentals that do over and over and over and through my veins is white. thing in my power to identify the when things were a lot different neighborhoods like the South think are police cars. It’s a sixth sense. Yes, my shield is tarnished, but few who infect our profession to see what it’s become. I think Bronx. When you’re a really bad guy, And they’re responsible for taking guns off the streets. not because of the actions of a and remove them immediately. it’s a lot more difficult for them I don’t think the mayor has a and I’m talking about really bad few. I will also not stand idly by than it is for the younger cops, concept of what happens on My shield is stained with the while the profession I love is systematically taken apart because and are getting groomed from mayor should take six months who are walking into this now, South Bronx streets. I think the blood of true patriots, heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice of political and social pressures. the academy, as to what the job of nights and suit up and go out for a person they never met or I will fight any entity or person is now. with the guys, in the precincts killed simply because of the uniform they wore. sion based on the action of a of town. 46. He thinks policing is what who tries to attack my profes- Yes, New York is a protest kind like the 40, 41, the 42, the 44, the We don’t do this job for the few. If you want my badge come But it’s the manner in which goes on in Manhattan. That’s not accolades and certainly don’t do and get it. the [George Floyd] protests took policing. it for the money. Until then, if the wolf is at your place, and how the brass was Now, they’re getting rid of a We do it for our families, communities and a sense of purpose give my life for you even though I hands-off on the protesters. That door, and you call, I’ll be ready to instructed to pretty much have lot of guys, a lot of plainclothes in a world where the sheep need to be protected from the wolves. We all accept the fact that have never met you. I am not ashamed Deputy Bobby Martinez should never have been done. The cops were pretty much sitting ducks. when we put on the badge, vest, They couldn’t defend themselves, because there were so and gun, kiss our loved ones I COULD HAVE STAYED A goodbye, and walk out the door LITTLE LONGER many cameras on them, and the that it may be the last time we ever get to see them. We don’t ask for special pay or special privileges because of the An NYPD detective set to retire soon with 20 years under his belt tells The Post’s Police Bureau Chief Tina Moore why he is leaving public was just waiting for them to react. And the frontline bosses, like the sergeants and the lieutenants, were in a really bad the job he once loved — and position because they were there uniform we wear. We only asked that we are not why he fears the worst is yet to as leadership, and they were the Thank You Texas First Responders judged because of the actions of come for the Big Apple. more visible leadership where few. I haven’t been happy with the the brass from One Police Plaza and Law Enforcement We are dedicated to serving job for the last two or three was not visible. And they were and protecting our community. years, but now it’s gotten to the actually giving the orders. Be the Hero of Your Family’s Vacation! Charged with being the gate • Mention The Blues for 10% off Daily Rates • On the Beachfront Across from Popular point where it’s just absolutely I think the kneeling was the Sunday – Friday through 2020 Babe’s Beach keepers to keep the prey safe • All suites with full kitchen amenities • Friendliest Staff on the Island ridiculous. white flag. • Fun Packages With Popular Attractions • Bar-B-que Park from the predators. • Private Gulf View Balconies • Maid Service and 24 hour Front Desk I can only speak for the Bronx, The kneeling eliminated what • Two Sparkling Pools (one seasonally heated) • Courtyard Meeting Facilities Perfect for Business We do not condone the actions • Centrally Located to Restaurants & Attractions and Church Retreats and Family Reunions because I’ve worked in the Bronx little hope the cops had. of the few and pray that accountability is swift and administered my whole career. And what’s going on with the I think the kneeling sacrificed the cops. Book Direct with our Onsight Galveston Team with extreme prejudice. DA’s office, and the bail re- What little expectation of for Best Rates and Packages I will not stand idly by and allow my profession to be attacked forms…the absolute absence of backing the cops coming from, authority the cops felt they had, Continued on Page 15 409-572-0371 14 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 15 Voted #1 Condo Rental!

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