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JULY 2022. Blues Vol 38 No. 7

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JULY 2022. Blues Vol 38 No. 7.1 FEATURES 38 COVER STORY - Diamond DA62-MPP 50 INSERT: APSCON Convention - Reno 66 12 Innovative Police Technologies 76 Sheriff’s Association of Texas Conference - Ft. Worth 84 Visit Galveston Island this Summer DEPARTMENTS 6 Publisher’s Thoughts 8 Editor’s Thoughts 10 Guest Commentary 14 News Around the US 34 Breaking News 90 Remembering Our Fallen Heroes 110 War Stories 114 Aftermath 118 Open Road 120 Healing Our Heroes 122 Daryl’s Deliberations 124 HPOU - From the President, Douglas Griffith 126 Light Bulb Award 128 Running 4 Heroes 130 Blue Mental Health with Dr. Tina Jaeckle 132 Off Duty 136 Ads Back in the Day 140 Parting Shots 142 Buyers Guide 160 Now Hiring - L.E.O. Positions Open in Texas 198 Back Page


AROUND THE COUNTRY TIME FOR ARREDONDO TO RESIGN OR BE TERMINATED YOU’RE FIRED CHIEF! When news broke of an active shooter in Uvalde Texas, everyone in Texas law enforcement just assumed the local cops would swarm the school and eliminate the asshole killing innocent kids. Because that’s what Texas cops do, they take out the bad guys. As fast as humanly possible. Put yourself between the bad guys and the kids and send a barrage of bullets their way. ALERRT training teaches you to engage the shooter immediately. Even if it’s just you. Yes, you might die. In fact, there’s a 90% chance you get hit within seconds of engaging the shooter and a better than 50% chance that you’ll die if he’s armed with rounds that will piece your armor. But that’s the job. Save the kids at all costs. Even giving up your own life to do it. If that scares, you. If you’re not up for that. If you would rather wait for backup and be safe, I had some advice for you. GET THE HELL OUT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT!! Sorry, but that’s the job and it’s not for everyone. But as Texans, we think we are the baddest bad asses around and no one, I mean no one, threatens or harms our kids. If you do, we will take your ass out in a minute. Plain and simple. So what the hell happened in Uvalde? Uvalde ISD Chief Arredondo is what happened. He was the #1 guy in charge on the scene and he let those officers down. He let 19 kids down. He let 2 teachers down. Hell, he fucking let the entire town down. He failed in a dozen different ways. No radio. No communication. No Plan. No action. No rifle. Nothing. He had nothing and he failed as a Chief and as a cop. He says he didn’t think he was in charge. Who the hell was in charge if it wasn’t the highest-ranking cop there? I’m sure his attorney told him to say that. Because if he wasn’t in charge, how could he be charged with 21 counts of Negligent Homicide for failing to protect those he was sworn to protect. He was the SCHOOL CHIEF for God’s sake. That was his only frickin job – TO PROTECT THE KIDS AT HIS SCHOOLS. I mean if you can’t do that, why the hell did you even go to work. The two following reports by The Texas Tribune sum up exactly what transpired on that horrible day in Uvalde. The facts are in. The videos have been released. The evidence is clear. Arredondo failed every family in Uvalde, and he needs to be held accountable. Simple as that! 14 The BLUES The BLUES 15

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