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June 2020 Blues Issue Vol 36 No 6

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June 2020 Blues Issue Vol 36 No 6

I’ll preface this post

I’ll preface this post with, if you communities southeast Texas 0,000 don’t like what I’ve said, ..what please has it to won’t offer, any Law get Enforce- you. just simply “unfriend” me. I am ment Officer. I worked my way writing only from my point of up, one step at a time, all the view, based on many years of way to the Chief’s Office, where experience from Night Shift Patrol, I spent just shy of ten years as a all the way up to the Chief’s Chief of Police. Office. I have been in multiple And in that time, yes, I was use of force incidents, up to placed in situations whereby I deadly force incidents. I am not had no other choice but to use simply just talking about a subject force against another. Each time which I have no knowledge I did so, I only used the force of. That being said... authorized by Federal, State, and With regards to the now released videos of Mr. George Policy. At no time did I ever use Local Law and Departmental person to enforce the law is the immeasurable component of Floyd’s arrest in Minneapolis; I force to effect an arrest upon “Trust”. have seen the cell phone videos anyone who was not actively and The trust given to the man or and security cameras (unedited) or violently resisting said arrest. woman wearing said badge from multiple points of view. Furthermore, every time the suspect stopped resisting, I stopped cannot and must not ever be That being said, in fairness, I trivialized, ignored, undersold, or was not there. However, in every employing physical force. somehow whimsically dismissed. frame of film I have seen and I have been seriously injured For the trust which is afforded reviewed, I cannot find where in several times in my career. I have with that badge, rises up to the any State Statute or Department been beat, cut, hit with a fleeing vehicle, and shot. In each of level of Life and Death. That kind Policy, the form of restraint seen of trust must be defended and is what’s taught as an authorized means of restraint or force force I used was in order to stop those circumstances, whatever protected above all things. You see, the badge does not belong which I am familiar with. the aggression or resistance and to whomever is wearing it. The Couple that with this, when a effect whatever arrest I was badge itself and all it stands for suspect is actively resisting and attempting to make. the belongs to the people whom or using force to resist arrest, case of Deadly Force, that force grant the authority for that an Officer is legally authorized was only used in the defense of badge and the person wearing to use whatever means of force my life or the lives of others who said badge. necessary to bring said suspect were in imminent danger. Remember, no “Governing Authority” or “Law Enforcement into custody, and that’s it. In Every badge ever made started out with a blank slate. Much other words, once the cuffs are Agency” exists without those on, the time for force has, under like the one you see here, affixed whom such entities are there * Up to Re-Opening 4 kids of FIRST RESPONDERS. Must June show this ad and 12th. your ID. Valid anytime. most circumstances, come to an with this post. Whether it’s a to serve in the first place. The Discount is off regular prices. Can not be combined with other specials. end. (Barring of course, spitting, “Shield” or a “Star” it is a symbol badge I wear may have a number on it and it is issued to me, ** 25% OFF Party Packages, not total price. biting, kicking, etc.-to which of “Authority”, true enough. But only the force required to stop no matter whatever engraving true enough. However, at no 10000 EMMETT LOWRY F. EXPRESSWAY the resistance is authorized) may come later, it should be time does that badge belong Look, I’ve been a cop a long time. remembered and revered that, to me as if I own it. For no one FM1765 @ I-45 I’ve worked some of the hardest, higher than its “authority” component, “owns” that badge or any other 409.316.9335 - toughest, and most challenging said badge may give a Continued on PAGE 15 10 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 11

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