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JUNE 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 6

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JUNE 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 6 • The History of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol • Beach Safety Tips • It's Island Time - Where to Stay, Eat & Play on the Island • The Texas School District Police Chiefs Conference • State & National Law Enforcement News • Warstory - What Happened to Susan Miller? • President Biden Receives Light Bulb Award • Open Road - The End of the HEMI? • Fishing with Rusty Barron • Dr. Tina speaks with David Edwards - Humanizing the Badge


*CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Why did he fire the deputies so fast and yet when his supervisors (a Chief and a Lieutenant) make not only National News but Worldwide news…he lets them continue to serve in those critical roles? How in the world do promotions in that department even work? Are there promotional exams? Interviews? Review board? Anything? Nothing? How in the world do supervisors become supervisors in that department? One cannot discount the good in the community Constable Rosen has done. He has been an innovative leader in the law enforcement community with regards to helping those who reside in precinct one. He has helped many people who otherwise have been completely forgotten by society and other political leaders in Harris County, Texas. Yet all the hard work and long hours of work done in the service of others has been completely dismantled in the matter of one months’ time and has called into question the very existence of his Office. If supervisors at Pct. 1 have not been vetted in some fashion (like I mentioned above) why in God’s name are they supervisors?!?!?! They absolutely should NOT be in those roles, unless they have at the bare minimum been through some kind of Promotional Assessment Process. We all know being a good cop doesn’t make you a good supervisor. Case and point, the latest tragic incident whereby an Asst. Chief and a Lieutenant are both accused of some poor decision making and wrongdoing. Again, to be totally fair, you cannot help but allow for all the good Rosen has done. He certainly has helped a LOT of people. But somewhere along the line, something has gone terribly wrong. And now a lot of people are paying a steep price for it. I don’t work at Pct. 1, but I certainly know a lot of people who do. I can tell you from the outside looking in, a lot of folks over there are sad, frustrated and upset. Morale has plummeted sharply which is not good for any organization. I don’t have a dog in the hunt as the old saying goes. But what has happened at Pct. 1 affects all the personnel there and of course vicariously, cops all across Harris County. This series of arrests, terminations, a suicide during a SWAT standoff by a Sergeant and now a huge lawsuit by three former employees, would make anyone ask …”What in the hell is going on over there and what is Rosen doing about it?” I hate seeing so many people that work there hurt. I hate what you’re going through and what you’re going to go through. It sucks. Hopefully, Constable Rosen will demonstrate his ability to help others can be applied to his own department and he will come through for all of you. And at the same time, come through for all of us in Harris County Law Enforcement. NOT SIGNED WHITE HOUSE SH*T SHOW What in the hell is going on in Washington, specifically the White House? Our last President hosted real heroes like wounded soldiers and wounded police officers. He invited the widows of fallen officers and grieved with him. Hugged them and told them how proud they should be of their wife, husband, son or daughter. How proud HE was of them. Yes, The President of the United States was proud of them for their service to their country and the citizens they swore to protect. And every single time a man or woman was killed in the line of duty, President Trump called the family to express his deepest condolences. Trump cared about each and every person who wore a uniform. Before and after every flight in Air Force One, he shook the hand of every first responder that was there to protect him. No matter how much of a hurry everyone else was in, this was his number one priority. The Vice President once stopped his motorcade when a motor officer went down, and Vice President Pence got out and rendered aide to the injured officer. He called him the following day to make sure he was OK. These are men you can be proud of. These asshats in the Oval Office now are an embarrassment to themselves and the country. They could care less about anyone in uniform. Much like the Obama’s, they are care more about the crooks then the men and women in Blue. Trump lighted the Whitehouse in Blue when an officer was killed. Biden refused to even lower the flags during Police Week. Obama painted the Whitehouse in Rainbow colors for LBGTQ folks, but never once honored cops or servicemen. I can’t for the life of me understand why the hate law enforcement. After all they are surrounded by dozens of them every day protecting their worthless asses. You’d think they’d have some kind of bond with them. NOPE! Maybe it’s because we carry guns, and they HATE guns. Whatever the reason, I’m done with these clowns. If you care about your country, I suggest we start campaigning right now to get these idiots out of office. If not, you aren’t going to have much of a country left. Since January 1, 23 police officers have been feloniously shot to death, a 28% increase over the same period last year. Number of deceased officers’ families invited to the White House? Zero. Number of families of longtime drug users with heart conditions who died in police custody invited to the White House? Well, at least one. In her daily propaganda briefing Friday, White House propaganda minister Jen Psaki refused to offer any details as to how Biden plans on commemorating the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death on Tuesday, May 25, the New York Post reported. However, on Sunday, CNBC reported that the family of George Floyd was going to be hosted at the White House on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death while being arrested for a passing a counterfeit bill in Minneapolis. “The visit marks the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death, which triggered international protests against police brutality and racism in the criminal justice system,” CNBC reported. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s common knowledge that Floyd was taken into custody, and as he was having a meltdown in the back of a Minneapolis police cruiser, complaining he couldn’t breathe, he was removed from the car and placed in a prone position on the ground. For around nine minutes, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on the area of Floyd’s neck, although some evidence presented at Chauvin’s trial seemed to indicate it was in fact the area of his shoulders. Be that as it may, Chauvin was convicted on all three charges, although there is plenty of room for appeal. First of all, the trial judge refused to move the trial from Minneapolis to another venue, as requested by Chauvin’s defense team. Secondly, the same judge refused to sequester the jury. Third, crazy Maxine Waters (D-CA) threatened more violent riots if the jury didn’t find Chauvin guilty. And finally, one of the jurors lied during jury selection, claiming he “didn’t know much” about the case when in fact he is a Black Lives Matter activist. It’s unknown how Biden will commemorate the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death. However, it’s pretty much a certainty it will involve a lot of police bashing, railing about police officers hunting down black and brown people for the purposes of killing them, and talking about how much America sucks as a “systemically racist” country. This despite the fact that people are crossing our border in the tens of thousands for the opportunity to come to Amer- ica and be “oppressed” by the evil white people. Floyd’s death of course sparked months of destructive riots across the country, nearly all of which were excused by Democrats including Biden. It wasn’t until Biden’s poll numbers started to fall as weeks turned into months of violent riots that he made a tepid condemnation of them. Democrats seized upon Floyd’s death to push for sweeping criminal justice “reforms” including banning chokeholds, federalizing training standards, ending qualified immunity for police officers and a number of other anti-police policies. The proposed bill, the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” would be the first federal bill named after a drug addict and Biden had hoped to get it passed by the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s death. That however appears very unlikely as the legislation is currently stalled in Congress. The Daily Wire reported that Biden has been in touch with Floyd’s family for a while, having spoken with them both before and after the Chauvin verdict came down. Biden had pledged last month during an address to a joint session of Congress that the Senate would pass the police reform bill by May 25, however Congressional sources told Politico that the White House no longer believes that will be possible, as they are waiting for a compromise bill to come out of Congress. We’ll keep waiting to see when the family of a murdered police officer is invited to Biden’s White House. We won’t hold our breath. ED DANIELS 12 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 13

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