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JUNE 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 6

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JUNE 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 6 • The History of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol • Beach Safety Tips • It's Island Time - Where to Stay, Eat & Play on the Island • The Texas School District Police Chiefs Conference • State & National Law Enforcement News • Warstory - What Happened to Susan Miller? • President Biden Receives Light Bulb Award • Open Road - The End of the HEMI? • Fishing with Rusty Barron • Dr. Tina speaks with David Edwards - Humanizing the Badge

Texas Bans Reality TV &

Texas Bans Reality TV & COP Shows Gov. Abbott signs Javier Ambler Act, banning reality TV shows from partnering with law enforcement, effective immediately. AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott has signed into law the Javier Ambler Act, which bans reality TV shows from partnering with Texas law enforcement. House Bill 54 passed the Texas House 110-34 on April 15, before making its way to the Senate, where it passed on May 13th in a 27-3 vote. After Abbott’s signature on Wednesday, the law became effective immediately. State Rep. James Talarico put the proposal forward after the KVUE Defenders last year first revealed the details of Ambler’s death after an encounter with Williamson County deputies. Ambler died on March 28, 2019, following a car chase. Williamson County deputies began chasing him after he failed to dim his headlights, touching off a pursuit that ended in North Austin. Deputies used tasers on him as he shouted that he had a heart condition and could not breathe. This all happened while crews from the now canceled show “Live PD” filmed. “Policing is not entertainment,” said Talarico. “I’m proud that Democrats and Republicans came together to pass this bill to protect our citizens and restore integrity in law enforcement.” Now, the law will ban entertainment shows like “Live PD” from partnering with Texas law enforcement. Talarico and Sen. John Whitmire, who sponsored the bill in the Senate, believe that such partnerships cause officers to perform for the cameras instead of doing sound police work. Former deputies J.J. Johnson and Zach Camden have been indicted on charges of manslaughter in Ambler’s death. Former Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody and Austin lawyer Jason Nassour have also been indicted in connection to the case. Jeff Edwards of the Edwards Law Group released the following statement on behalf of Ambler’s parents: “Javier Ambler was killed because Williamson County deputies were encouraged to produce exciting reality television instead of simply protecting and serving the public. “As a consequence of this unconscionable decision by the County and its Sheriff, a beloved father and son was senselessly killed. The big question for fans of the TV show “Lone Star Law” is, “Will it come back for another season?” House Bill 54 does have a provision that exempts game wardens, even though they are in fact Texas Peace Officers. On March 14, 2021, at approximately 9:08 p.m., officers were dispatched to the Banyan Cove Apartments at 3001 East League City Parkway to assist EMS with an unconscious male who was possibly suffering from a drug overdose. Upon their arrival, Officer Pierre Nguyen, Officer Dominic Takach, and Officer Jason Ha retrieved their emergency medical supplies including doses of NAR- CAN from their patrol vehicles and entered the apartment. They found a 46-year-old male unconscious on the floor with his friend performing CPR. Officers checked the victim for signs of life and found that he had a pulse but was sweating profusely with shallow, ineffective, agonal Pictured above are, Officer Nguyen, Chief Ratliff, Officer Ha breathing. These officers recognized the victim’s symptoms were often associated with an opioid overdose. All three officers were prepared to provide lifesaving measures. Officer Nguyen continued assessing the victim and was trying to stimulate his body to breathe, and Officer Ha administered the first dose of NARCAN. After a few moments, Officer Nguyen rolled the victim onto his side to protect his airway from obstruction, and the victim slowly began breathing again but was labored and appeared ineffective. Officer Takach administered a second dose of NARCAN, and Officer Nguyen continued to stimulate the victim by moving his body after each dose of NARCAN. During this process, the victim’s breathing appeared to improve. During this time, the victim’s friend advised that he was suspected of taking Suboxone and Heroin. Once League City EMS personnel arrived, these officers assisted loading the victim onto the gurney, and by that time, the victim’s condition had greatly improved by regaining consciousness. The quick lifesaving measures provided by Officer Nguyen, Officer Takach, and Officer Ha saved the victim’s life and gave him the opportunity to have a second chance at life. On this day, these officers demonstrated their true commitment and devotion to service and are great ambassadors for the League City Police 28 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 29

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