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JUNE 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 6

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JUNE 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 6 • The History of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol • Beach Safety Tips • It's Island Time - Where to Stay, Eat & Play on the Island • The Texas School District Police Chiefs Conference • State & National Law Enforcement News • Warstory - What Happened to Susan Miller? • President Biden Receives Light Bulb Award • Open Road - The End of the HEMI? • Fishing with Rusty Barron • Dr. Tina speaks with David Edwards - Humanizing the Badge

joe friday GUEST

joe friday GUEST EDITORIAL Open Letter to the President I’m sending this editorial out to every media outlet in the US with the hopes that someone will print it. Unfortunately, I’m withholding my true identity as I’m quite sure my employer would terminate my employment immediately as we are forbidden from making any statements to the media. I have been a police officer for over 20 years. In my career, I’ve been shot, run over by a suspect’s vehicle, assaulted by suspects and suspects family members, spit at, bitten, nearly stabbed twice, and hospitalized three times. According to doctors, I died on the table three times but by the grace of God I’m still here. I watched people die, some in my arms. I’ve pulled dead babies from cars. I’ve jumped in lakes and swimming pools and pulled infants out who had drowned, but again by the grace of God I was able to bring them back to life. I tried to save a family of four, a mom and three babies that drove off a street into a lake and their car sank. I couldn’t get to them and they all died. I sat and watched as their car was pulled from the lake and saw the body of the mom holding her children in her arms, knowing full well they were about to die. I’ve held a mother in my arms as paramedics worked on her 2-year-old baby girl that had been struck in the head by a stray bullet as she laid in her new “big girl” bed. She didn’t do anything to anybody, she was just a baby. The thugs who shot her mistook her house for the drug dealer’s house that had ripped them off. They were a block off. They got it right the next night and killed 4 people in the drug dealer’s house. The dealer, his mom, father, and grandfather. All dead. The baby girl died on the way to the hospital. I’ve had two partners get shot in front of me. I held one in my arms while he bled out. The other survived but spends his days in a wheelchair now instead of a patrol car. Hundreds of my brothers and sisters in Blue have died at the hands of thugs you say are mistreated by the police. Yes, they are bad cops that do bad things to people. They shouldn’t be cops. But there are bad doctors that make mistakes and kill people. Maybe it’s an accident, maybe they were careless. In every profession there are bad people. There are horrible politicians that shouldn’t be allowed to make laws that hurt people. People’s lives are destroyed every day by laws created in Washington and signed by you, Mr. President. You seem to hate and despise the uniform I wear. The uniform my brothers and sisters wear. You hate what I stand for and what they stand for. But yet every time you go somewhere, hundreds of my brothers and sisters in Blue are there to protect YOU. They risk their lives to make sure nothing happens to YOU. But yet you don’t respect them. Why? When a “person of color” as you call them is killed by the police, you are saddened, shocked by the death of an “innocent” man or woman. Did it ever occur to you that they weren’t innocent. They had to be doing something wrong. Cops just don’t drive around killing people for no reason. Yes, I agree that some cops have used excessive force that resulted in someone’s death and yes, they should be punished. They have shot people they thought were armed and weren’t and they have to answer for that. But those “bad cops” as you refer to them, are less than .003% of all the cops in the US. Don’t punish me for a few dozen “bad cops.” And please explain to me why you would invite the family of a convicted felon, George Floyd to the White House and honor them? Yes, their son died while in police custody. The police officer involved was tried and found guilty. They got a huge sum of money for his death. But did you ever ask how they treated their son BEFORE he was killed resisting arrest? I doubt it. They disowned him. Told him to stay away from his family. They caused him to move away from Houston and move to Minnesota. They only cared about him after he was killed, and they saw a huge payday. And YOU Mr. President, invited these greedy people to the White House? What about all the police officers that didn’t mistreat anyone and yet were killed in the line of duty? You dishonored them by not even lowering the flag during a week set aside to honor them for paying the ultimate sacrifice. They gave up their life for just doing their jobs. They didn’t hurt anyone. They didn’t kill anyone because of the color of their skin. They were heroes and you disrespected them, and you disrespected their families. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. You disrespected ALL OF THEM. While you pay tribute to a thug’s family for the death of a convicted felon. You make me sick. I have always, always respected the President and what he stands for. I didn’t like President Obama or his policies, but I never said, “He isn’t MY President.” It’s the office I respect not the person in it. But you sir, I have zero respect for. In my opinion you are a disgrace to the office and what it stands for. In fact, nearly everyone in your party, believes that police departments should be defunded, and police officers replaced by social workers, specifically working without guns. They believe, you believe that no one should ever be killed again no matter what they do. That not a single “person of color” should ever be killed at the hands of police ever again. But what you and your cohorts don’t understand, is that cops didn’t shoot and kill a “person or color” or anyone else for that matter because of the color of their skin, they were shot because they were breaking the law. They refused to lay down their guns when told to do so. They were threatening to do RED MARK USA Rescuing the Innocent harm to another human being. They got shot because they are BAD PEOPLE! Plain and simple. But that doesn’t serve your narrative. You want ALL guns removed from everyone. And as long as someone is getting shot, that just furthers your agenda. Let’s say for a moment, that every gun in the US was taken and destroyed. No one would have guns. Not the bad guys or the good guys. Do you think that people would stop killing one another? No!! They would use knives, swords, rocks, bottles, and whatever they could find to do harm against another person. People were killed long before there were guns. Since the dawn of time, people have killed each other. Your agenda is baseless, and you know it. I’ll close with this. You don’t deserve to be President and I will do everything in my power to get someone with respect and dignity elected to replace you. Houston Police officers, Harris County Sheriff’s deputies and deputy constables are imprisoned by a corrupt district attorney on trumped up charges. A progressive police chief investigates and fires officers by the dozens on spurious complaints. The USA is under the control of a leftist government. Anyone found in contempt of the new ideology has their bank accounts closed and locked. That’s the Red Mark. Left wing rioters burn and destroy churches, synagogues, mosques and temples. The First and Second amendments to the Constitution are declared null and void. Right wing insurrectionists plot to kidnap the mayor and city council. Corrupt and inept Department of Human Relations police abuse citizens and act like a new Gestapo. Dozens of police officers, sheriff’s deputies and constables are scheduled for execution by public hanging in front of an angry mob. It’s up to a group of officers and deputies to rescue them before they’re killed. Working in strictest secrecy, knowing that the discovery of their plot will mean prison and death, they work against time to rescue the innocent. Deacon Blue is a retired Houston Police Officer. 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