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JUNE 2022. Blues Vol 38 No. 6.2

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JUNE 2022. Blues Vol 38 No. 6.2 FEATURES 26 We Will Never Forget the 21 Lives Lost in Uvalde 30 INSERT: Texas School District Chief’s Conference 46 INSERT: Visit Galveston Island this Summer 52 COVER STORY Remembering Deputy Adam Howard 58 COVER STORY - 100 Club of Houston Awards Banquet DEPARTMENTS 6 Publisher’s Thoughts 8 Editor’s Thoughts 10 Guest Commentary 12 Letters 14 News Around the US 78 Remembering Our Fallen Heroes 82 War Stories 84 Aftermath 86 Open Road 90 Healing Our Heroes 92 Daryl’s Deliberations 94 HPOU - From the President, Douglas Griffith 96 Light Bulb Award - May Dora’s Wish Come True 98 Running 4 Heroes 100 Blue Mental Health with Dr. Tina Jaeckle 102 Ads Back in the Day 106 Parting Shots 108 Now Hiring - L.E.O. Positions Open in Texas 142 Back Page

Texas School District

Texas School District Chiefs Association Member/Conference in San Antonio, June 9-12 Marriott Riverwalk Hotel SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS A.R.M.S Axon Blauer Body Utility BRW Architects Campus Safety Products Cap Fleet Cardinal Tracking Critical Response Group DATAPILOT Detectachem Digi Security Systems Eagle Eye Networks Eforce Elbeco Enterpol by Huber & Amp Associates Epic Solar Control Farrwest Specialty Vehicles Federal Signal Fusus Galls Got You Covered GT Distributors GTS Technology Solutions Intoximeters Integrated Computer Systems International Nameplate Supplies Key Warden Kologik Law Enforcement Against Drugs Lenslock Lexipol Lone Star Hero Gear Maltec Fleet Service Motorola Solutions National Police Credit Union Newbart North America Rescue Panasonic Peacekeeper International Point Blank Enterprises Primary Arms Pro Force Online Radius Security Raptor Tech Realativity, Inc RELIABLE CHEVROLET Shooter Detection Systems Silsbee Fleet Group Southern Software TCOLE TPCA TSS/Bulletproof Turn Key Mobile Vendor Voice Products Wade Garcia and Assoc Watch 360 Ministries Wireless CCTV Zebra Technologies KeyWarden is the Texas distributor of Morse Watchmans industry-leading key and asset management systems. We are actively involved in the Texas Law Enforcement community as a founding member of the East Texas 100 club, and corporate members of the North Texas Police Chiefs Association, the East Texas Police Chiefs Association, the High Plains Police Chiefs Association, and the Central Texas Police Chiefs Association. We are proud to participate in the TEXAS SCHOOL DISTRICT POLICE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE. THE KEYWATCHER TOUCH SYSTEM is deployed in the law enforcement environment to: • Securely dispense track and audit the use of keys to: vehicles, facilities, lockers and other high-value assets. • Prevent unauthorized staff from driving specialist vehicles, or racking up miles on the newer fleet while older units sit idle. • Allow management to compel the use of vehicle pools rather than staff controlling the keys to particular units. • Quicker and more efficient shift changes. • Control the keys to facilities and mandate accountability. • Managing and controlling access to assets stored in lockers. 19015 Gentle Knoll San Antonio, Texas 78258 As a Texas-based company, we provide on site evaluation, implementation, training and support of the Office: 830-214-0867 Fax: 775-898-1807 34 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE KeyWatcher System. We are also a member of BuyBoard and offer discounted pricing and ease of purchase. - click here to email us The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 35

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Wwwbluespdmagcom Additional Uvalde Trooper Chiefs Responders Heroes Galveston Tango Enforcement Blues


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