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March 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 3

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The BLUES Police Magazine, March 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 3

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Continued from Previous Page turned and he just fell out? “Yes sir” Well is that your airplane parked outside. “Yes sir” “Come with me.” I walked the young man down the stairs. Grabbed the Sheriff and Chief and said come with us please. We all walked up to the instructors ironically ‘red and white Cessna 152’ and I said Ok get inside. And he opened the door and climbed inside. Now if you have NEVER been inside a Cessna 152 it’s about the size of a YUGO. Or for you younger cops, a Smart fortwo car. In other words, its damn small and a pain in the ass just to get into. One he got inside I said, “Ok, he was sitting exactly where you are correct?’ “Yes.” Ok I said, now let me hold the door open for you while you roll out. “What” he asked. I said, “Just roll out. Don’t worry, I’ll have the Sheriff catch you.” What happened next was just embarrassing for the young man. He looked stupid trying to “roll out” of that tiny plane. First of all, you’re practically sitting flat, and your legs are tucked wayyyy up under the cockpit instrument panel and there is no way in hell you can roll out or “fall out” of a 152. The Sheriff looks at the kid and says, “Ok so he didn’t fall out. What the hell happened?” The kid starts crying and tells us how he got a call from a student that wanted to go flying and asked if they could go do some high-altitude maneuvers. Once they got to 8,000 feet the student said he was in trouble with the law and he didn’t want to jail and that he just wanted to end his life and he was going to jump out. The kid said he was scared the guy would try and crash the plane, so he took the controls and watched the guy climb out of the seat and make his way out of the door and jump. “And how long did that take I asked?” “About 20 minutes” he says. That’s what I thought. “Come on, let’s go get into the Sheriff’s helicopter and go find this guy.” About an hour later, we found a very large hole in the ground with a lot of cows standing around looking. And yes, it was pretty nasty. Moral is. If a young flight dude says someone “fell out of an airplane” most likely they jumped. SEND US YOUR FAVORITE WAR- STORY TO: bluespdmag@gmail. com. Send us your best war story. We’ll send you a BLUES t-shirt. 30 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 31

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