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March 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 3

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The BLUES Police Magazine, March 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 3

Continued from Page 41

Continued from Page 41 his hands, but he wasn’t stepping out. I approached his vehicle, and I’m yelling at him. My gun is on him the entire time, and he sees my gun pointed at him. Finally, he put his hands out of the window. He decided to give himself up instead of shooting it out with me. That incident sticks out in my mind because he had guns in the car, and I was able to get him in custody without pulling the trigger. I’m proud of that. I recently spoke to some high school seniors here in Houston, and a seventeen-year-old kid told me he’s scared that if he’s stopped by police, he’s going to get dragged out and killed. I saw in his eyes he believed it. That broke my heart. No one likes to see officers use force. It’s ugly. But the fact is, evil people are out here. Getting shot at in New York was a learning moment. I was a dumb rookie. It made me realize I can’t be naive about evil people. ••• This article appeared in Texas Monthly and was Joe Gamaldi’s words as spoken to Paul Knight. Continued from Page 36 guns and gun laws, and yet we are handing out no jail time to convicted felons, who are found in possession of a firearm. Kim Ogg is literally giving gun toting felons a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”. That is not even mentioning a large group of the aggravated robberies and aggravated assaults committed with guns, and the assailants were given a sweetheart deal with no jail time. With all these facts in hand, and rather than address them head on, Ogg goes after Gamaldi for “planting” two opponents in the upcoming Democratic and Republican primaries. Here’s an idea. If you were to get your house in order and stop releasing violent criminals back out to commit even more violent crimes, perhaps you would have the support of ALL law enforcement agencies and you wouldn’t have to worry about “planted” candidates. But congratulations you have won one at least one contest – The LIGHT BULB AWARD for March 2020 presented by The BLUES Police Magazine. 0,000 ..what it won’t get you. PLACE YOUR DEPARTMENTS’ JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN THE BLUES FOR ONLY 0 Continued from Page 8 haunts me the most…How is it I get email us today: would live with everything that to still be here and so many of those happened and still managed to put men I just mentioned did not. together a viable plan to get us the Because with all the seriousness hell out of there. and sincerity in my heart, I can tell Now, here I am all these years you without a moment of hesitation, later and I would be lying to you they were far, far better men than if I told you, that night does not me. Far better than I could have ever cross my mind or torment me some hoped to have been, in fact. I’ll never nights, because it does. I reckon it understand how He decides who always will. stays and who goes, but I’ll always That night, coupled with the four be haunted, seriously and deeply other Officer Involved Shootings hurt, haunted by the fact, I am here I have been involved in over the while they are not. I certainly don’t course of my career, have absolutely deserve it, that’s for sure. taken their toll on me. I regret I’ll close with this…Stop taking those decisions had to be made and time, people, friends, family, significant yet, I do not regret the fact that I others, kids, grandkids or what- had it in me to pull the trigger. For ever makes you happy (as old Marvin here I remain, somehow and some Zindler used to say) for granted. Life way, given another day to live. is just that. Life. And life has a way Of everything that I have survived of ending sometimes, rather abruptly. and endured, the hard cases, chases, Leaving either you here and them fights, child deaths, notifications gone or vice versa. Either way, one I have had to give, fellow Officers of us goes on, alone. And it’s that and close friends whom I have lost “alone” which really hurts the heart. and the shootings…just one thing It always will…. 42 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 43

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