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MARCH 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 3

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MARCH 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 3


WORDS BY AN ANONYMOUS OFFICER I Wasn’t There! – But if I was, this would be my firsthand account of what happened in D.C. 1/6/21 Let me begin by saying: I did not step one foot on the steps of the Capitol; I did not follow the mod of people who entered the Capitol; I didn’t tell anyone I was going to D.C. Also, I sure as hell didn’t tell anyone when I got back. I didn’t break any laws and in fact helped several of my brothers in sisters in law enforcement on duty that day, but I didn’t identify myself, I just helped a LEO that needed assistance. Here is what I witnessed and experienced in Washington D.C. on that fateful day. First off, my reason for going was simple. I loved and supported my President. I believe that Donald Trump did more for law enforcement that any other President in my lifetime. I wanted to show my support for the man I admire. I never for one minute thought that MY President called me there to storm the Capitol. Now did I think some of the nut jobs that were there thought that? Absolutely! And when I say nut jobs, some of these guys were dressed like they were going to war or about to run a no knock on the worst drug dealer in town. Outside of two tours in Iraq and my brief time in SWAT, I have never seen men geared up for action like I saw that day. The guy with zip tie cuffs walked right passed me. My first thought was he was either military, FBI or some type of SWAT officer sent in to identify and remove troublemakers. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized who I was really surrounded by. That crowd was a powder keg waiting to explode. My guess is that more than 50% were there with the sole intention of storming into the Capitol and taking hostages. The other 50% were just caught up in the moment. The day started off with breakfast at my hotel and then I walked to the Ellipse Grounds behind the White House where the President was supposed to speak. If you ever been to DC at Christmas, the Ellipse is where they put all the different Christmas trees to represent the various countries. And to put this in perspective, the White House is about two miles away from the Capitol down Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s quite a walk between the two. In fact, it took me almost an hour to make my way there AFTER Trump finished his speech. The press made it seem like people just walked across the street. It’s not across the street by any stretch of the imagination. The other thing I noticed the press lied about was when the majority of the “Trump Supporters” left the speech and headed towards the Capitol. According to the press, everyone stayed until the President concluded his talk and then because he basically incited them to riot, they immediately ran in an angry mod towards the Capitol. That’s not what happened at all. People started gathering at the Capitol BEFORE Trump even took to the stage at the Ellipse. Then, halfway through his speech, most of the crowd left and began walking to the Capitol. By the time Trump was whisked off by Secret Service, the “Supporters” had already surrounded the Capitol. Like I said, it took me almost an hour to make my way to the Capitol. There were literally thousands of people on the streets and getting anywhere was an ordeal. Again, I had no intention of joining a riot. I just wanted to see what the hell these people were going to do when they got there, and boy did I see. When I made the final turn around the East side of the Capitol, I could see they had already knocked down the temporary fencing and were forcing their way up the steps. There was a Capitol Police Officer trying to stop people from climbing over a fence just to the side of me and I saw a scruffy bearded white guy grab the officers vest and pull him towards the fence. I immediately grabbed the guy around his neck and threw him to the ground. The officer backed up a few feet and nodded a thank you to me. It was at that point that I realized I was IN THE MIDDLE OF A SOON TO BE RIOT and I needed to find an exit and get the hell out of there. The cop in me wanted to climb over that fence and help these officers fight off the crowd. But I knew that was a stupid idea, so I walked across the street and watched the crowd make their way father up the Capitol grounds and onto the steps. At this point people were climbing the sides of the building, busting out windows, it was just crazy. I felt sorry for all the cops that had to fight off this ‘mob.’ They were obviously outnumbered and needed some serious backup. At this point it was about 3pm 30 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 31

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