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May 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 5

May 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 5

Skills Students. I would

Skills Students. I would make it a point to stop into such rooms and kneel, sit, stand or whatever way the student(s) were comfortable and just visit. To look into their eyes, it was like a light I had never seen before. It was as if I never saw that kind of light because I was always fighting in the midst of darkness. In my “War,” I had become so WORDS & PHOTOS BY REX EVANS engulfed in the fighting, I had lost sight of just how innocent, beautiful, and brilliant of a light those whom I was fighting for really were. I mean, sure I was a So, turning the pages back a even, we met force with force worker, a fighter, and an overall person responsible for all those few chapters, I was once a much because we had to, to survive. “shit magnet”. That was my job, burns, cuts and bruises, only to younger cop. I worked nights, As time progressed, in a way I after all. It was my calling. Hell, I hear them say, while looking weekends, and holidays. Mostly because I loved what I was work just became more cen- guess, so did I. I mean, life and can’t even remember all the arrests and cases anymore. There you in the eye, “F**k that kid! I couldn’t take it crying anymore!” doing. I loved the area I worked tered on the good people who were thousands, truth be told. (The disassociation many had in and the majority of the people needed help. The victims of all This “War Story” though about these cases was unbelievable) I worked with. They were all those predators I had been fighting took a front row seat right my own war, isn’t me wanting to Could be, you were chasing a damn good cops. I never felt like talk or tell so much about me. It felon and it all got really bad, I was alone. I knew if I needed in front of my heart, and they is rather a humble, sincere, and real fast. You pulled your gun, them, they’d be there. seemingly thawed it out. Over very heart felt acknowledgement and fired before you even knew Many a call on nights led to the last ten years or so, I have to those beautiful kids, who you had cleared your holster. some difficult struggles and begun to realize just how cold far too often, this world simply The end result was the truth revealed. You got to go home. They times. Murders, fatal DWI’s, the streets really had made me. ignores or forgets about. And drugs, prostitution, burglars, car This isn’t so much about my yet, I would respectfully submit, did not. chases, foot chases and the list shootings, wild car chases, and if we aren’t fighting for the good I transitioned over to School goes on and on. such. It’s not so much a “War people like them, who in the hell Oriented Law Enforcement back There were times we had to Story” about some specific call are we fighting for then? in 2012. It was a bit of a culture be hard. Some folks at three in or scene. It is, however, a “War Stay safe, my friends. shock to me, at first. Dealing the morning on the streets of Cloverleaf and Channelview are not so easily inclined to “listen to reason,” shall we say. More than several times “stop” and “don’t move” turned into a fight for your life. Literally. I never gave much thought to when I had to be hard on someone back then. I always figured, “Hey, they put themselves in that position. I just resolved the problem for them!” Whether by hands, asp baton, taser, flashlight, Story” of sorts about the “War” I had to ultimately come face to face with within myself, and I like to think I have finally started to win. We all come to terms with the things we have to do. Especially when it’s dealing with what we are called upon to face. To deal with a drunk who just killed an entire family, and while you’re trying to complete a FST he just stands there laughing. Or, maybe, it was some fatal child abuse with kids, parents, teachers, school administrators was well, challenging. You see, out on the streets, there’s always an immediate solution. “You can go to jail or you can go home”. Well, something like that, and in School Oriented Law Enforcement, the goal was to help as many as possible and not have to resort to jail. As the years passed, I was fortunate, scratch that. I was blessed enough to radio, butt of a shotgun case, and you track down the meet classrooms full of Life 26 The 26 The BLUES BLUES POLICE POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 27

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