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MAY 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 5 Houston Cover

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MAY 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 5 Houston Cover • National Police Week • Memorial Services in Austin, Houston & Harris County • Are You Prepared to Stay Alive: A Officer Survival Guide • DC Cops race, crash, and get beat up by one officer's momma • Warstory/Aftermath - White cop shoots black teenager in the back

“White Cop Shoots

“White Cop Shoots Black Teenager in the Back.” They say that history always repeats itself. I find that true reading accounts of recent police shooting involving youth, especially young black children (sorry I don’t buy into this person of color BS). A little over ten years ago, I too was involved in the shooting of an armed black teenager. In short, he pointed a gun at me in a dark alley, fired two shots at me, I returned fire, hit him as he turned to get back in his car, he drove off, we chased him, he wrecked the car and died behind the wheel. The news reported “White cop shoots and kills black teenager in the back.” This is my story. It’s long. It’s sad. It’s heartbreaking. By the end you’ll probably figure out who I am, but I’m not identifying myself or the young man that lost his life. I’ve been through hell the past 10+ years and I don’t need the media rehashing my story. But I know I can tell my story here to other cops and not be judged. I hope that young rookies will learn valuable lessons and hopefully my story will keep them safe. The night of the shooting started just like every Friday night before it. I had been on nights my entire career – 13 years with this department, 5 years with a smaller PD up north. I was 24 when I started and at the time of the shooting, I was 42. I took the sergeants test three years ago and got promoted quick. I asked to stay on nights, and they moved me to the south side of town. Shitsville as my guys like to call it. I will say I have a great bunch of officers that work for me and we always have each other’s back. I also honestly believe, or at least I did at the time, that we were making a difference in Shitsville. So, this Friday night, the night my life changed for the worst, was extremely busy. It was one priority call after another. But there was a full moon, so I fully expected it to be busy as crap. We work 4 -12 hour shifts and then 3 days off and this was WORDS BY SGT. WHITE day 1 of my tour. By 3am, I was ready for the calls to start dropping and so I could catch up on some paperwork. It was around 3:35am that I heard one of my units responding to a shots fired disturbance and advised the dispatcher I was moving his way and to send additional units as well. A couple of minutes later, the first unit arrived and advised that the suspect was standing in the driveway of the reportee’s home and was armed. I advised to him to take cove and wait for additional units. I stepped it up and was pushing my Tahoe to its limits. I was about a mile away when the units advised the suspect had car jacked a neighbor and they were in pursuit of the suspect. As they wound through the streets of the small subdivision, I tried to cut them off but each time the suspect turned a different direction. I called for an airship and of course they were on the opposite side of the city, but headed our way. “Unit 4H44 we’re eastbound on Highway 39 reaching speeds of over 100. Suspect is driving a red Camaro with paper tags. It’s believed that the owner of the vehicle is still inside in the front seat and being held at gun point by the suspect. The suspect is a black male, 15- 16 years of age, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. He is armed with a handgun. All units be advised the suspect has fired at the police.” “4H44 turning North on State from 39 and suspect still shooting at police.” Roger 4H44, all units’ shots fired, shots fired at the police. “Unit 4H44 East on Ave L.” Roger 4H44 East on Ave L. “I lost the suspect in the 8000 block of Ave L and Highway 39.” Clear, all units in the area of 4H44, the suspect was last seen driving a red Camaro with paper tags, suspect is a black male holding a white unknown female as hostage. Suspect is armed and dangerous and has fired multiple rounds at the police. “Unit 428, show me in the area looking for the suspect.” In the area of L and 39 are a number of warehouses and alley ways and I knew most likely the suspect would had to have pulled into one of these alleys to disappear so quickly. As I turned into one of the alleys behind an old machine shop, I slammed on the brakes and damn near ran over a lady laying in the driveway. “Unit 428 show me out with what I believe is the car jack victim in the 8100 block of L behind the old machine shop” Ma’am are you ok. “Unit 428 roll me an ambulance and have a unit check by.” Yes, I’m OK. He hit me with a gun and pushed me into the passenger seat and started shooting out the window. He’s crazy officer, just plain crazy. Yes, ma’am I have units all over looking for him. I’m glad you’re ok. How did you get out … “I jumped out officer. I opened the door and just rolled out. I figured if I was going to die it might as well be getting run over and not shot.” You’re going to be ok. I have an ambulance on the way. I looked up and I had dozens of units all around me. I had one of the guys take the lady to their car and wait on the ambulance and I advised the other units arriving to begin searching the surrounding alleys. “Unit 4H33, I’ve located the car about a block from Unit 428’s location. The suspect is GOA, but a witness saw him running north in the alley.” Roger that, all units, suspect believed to be on foot and from the 8300 block of Ave L in the alley possibly northbound on foot. As I began to walk towards my car, the woman grabbed my arm and said “Officer…he’s just a kid…just a baby…why is he even out so late? I don’t understand.” I don’t know ma’am, I don’t know. I got back in my car and drove around to the opposite side of the building and began searching the area on foot. All units be advised, we’re receiving calls of another carjacking near your location, black teenage male in blue jeans just stole a black Honda Civic. Plates unknown. The dispatcher had no more finished talking when I heard the winning of a four banger just north of where I was. I jumped back in my car, turned around and started back up the alley and the suspect was headed straight for me. He slammed on the brakes and slid sideways. He opened the driver’s door and fired one round at my unit hitting the passenger side window of the Tahoe. I don’t know where the bullet ended up, but glass from the window spread all across the front seat and the right side of my face. “Unit 428, shots fired, shots fired, my vehicle has been hit.” Two more rounds struck the front of the Tahoe’s hood and once I got behind the left front fender for cover, I raised up and fired two rounds. The first round hit the left rear quarter panel of the Honda and the second round hit the suspect. I thought it hit him in the chest but once the first round hit the Honda, the suspect began turning to get back in the car and the second round hit him in the back. He slid behind the wheel and took off towards the front of the building. “Unit 428, shots fired at the suspect and he’s back in the vehicle headed towards the front of the building.” Seconds later the suspect crashed into the side of the machine shop build- 58 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 59

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