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OCT 2020 Blues Vol. 36 No. 10

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OCT 2020 Blues Vol. 36 No. 10


06:10am - Another major accident was reported on the feeder of the Interstate and Barker Rd. The reportee says a black BMW ran the red light and slammed into a green Honda Civic. Two, possible three men crawled out of the BMW and car jacked a red Toyota that was stopped at the light. The lady of the Toyota needs an ambulance, she is bleeding from the head. The Toyota was last seen southbound on Barker from the freeway. (I called my neighbor. “Hey Fred, I think your car is Barker Rd. and the Interstate. It’s been in an accident.”) 06:17am – Reports of shots fired at a 24-hr check cashing store at the 24,000 Block of Interstate 55. Subjects left West bound on the feeder headed towards Barker driving a black 4-door car. 06:35am – A silent alarm at the North Side Bank & Trust on 45th Avenue. 06:45am – Citizen reports hearing glass breaking in the 2600 Block of 45th Avenue. 06:50am – Reports of a wrecker driving at a high rate of speed on 45th pulling a square piece of metal making lots of sparks. And same reportee says there is glass all over the road and someone should get it cleaned up before cars get flats. 07:01am – Alarm company calls back says there is glass breakage and movement inside the bank. A bank representative has been notified. 07:10am – Several motorists have called 911 to report flat tires caused by what appears to be broken glass and metal on 45th Street. 07:35am – 911 receives a call from the manager of the North Side Bank & Trust asking for a police unit. The front of the bank has been smashed in and the front door is missing. 911 advised that a Crime Prevention Specialist will be dispatched to his location, but they don’t come in until 8:00am. The bank manager wasn’t happy. 07:44am – The manager of the Corner Convenience Store call 911 to ask when a police unit was coming to his store to take a report. Yes sir, we have dispatched a Crime Prevention Specialist to your location, they should arrive sometime after 8am. “But I don’t need a Crime PREVENTION specialist, the crime has already been committed. We know sir, but all crime reports are now handled by the Civilian Crime Bureau.” The manager, now beside himself says, “What the hell is the Civilian Crime Bureau? They are the ones dispatched to your location, sir.” 8:01am – County Health Dept., Mental Health Division & Suicide Help Line, opens for business. “You have 33 new calls for service – Press 1 to hear the first call” 08:05am - Civilian Crime Bureau is now open for business. “You have 115 new calls for service – Press 1 to hear the first call” 08:35am – MHD-SU is dispatched to a call of a man on a bridge threatening suicide. When MHD-SU arrives, they advise there is no one on the bridge. They do report a large backup on the Interstate just north of the bridge where the jumper was supposed to be. They hear reports of debris on the roadway below. (By the way, MHD-SU stands for Mental Health Department – Suicide Unit) 09:00am – CPS (Crime Prevention Specialist) Unit 33 is dispatched to a report of a car burglary in progress at 2409 Walker Street. The vehicle is a 2019 Black BMW. The reportee will meet you in the driveway. Hey that’s next door. Fred CPS are on the way...LOL) 09:05am – CPS Unit 143 can you check for a man reported to be bleeding from an unknown type of injury at the Corner Convenience store at Walker and Elm. 09:15am – Any CPS unit clear to take a call. We have 85 calls holding. 09:35am – CPS Unit 143 arrives at the Corner Convenience and is met by the manger. “Yes sir, we received a report about a man bleeding from an unknown injury” “My employee was shot by a robber. Are you here to investigate?” “Aw no sir, that’s handled by a CPSS unit” “What the hell is that?” asks the manager “That’s a Crime Prevention Specialist Supervisory unit, sir” 09:44am – 911 Dispatch to CPS Unit 143. Can you check by with CPS33 about two blocks from you? He’s requesting backup on a reported car break-in and an angry man threatening him with a golf club. 09:46am – CPS Unit 143 advises the store manager a CPSS unit will be dispatched to his location within the next 24-48 hours. Please don’t touch anything sir until they arrive. I have to leave sir, there is a situation a couple of blocks from here. NOW OPEN BY APPT. ONLY 09:50am – CPS Unit 143 to dispatch. I’ve arrived with CPS Unit 33 and ma’am there’s a man beating CPS Unit 33’s Prius with a golf club. Is there a CPSS unit in the area? Or can you dispatch a POLICE unit from a neighboring city to assist us? 09:55am – Dispatch to CPS Unit 143, CPSS Unit 02 advises that he is unavailable to assist but has requested a Mental Health Advisory Unit to head your way, ETA is 45 minutes. 10:44am – MHA Unit 22 show me arrived with CPS Unit 143 and CPS Unit 33. Can you dispatch a wrecker to our scene for a disabled CPS Prius Unit please? 11:05am – MHA Unit 22 to dispatch, we have a CODE 12 at our location, can you please dispatch a MHA Supervisor to my location? 11:08am - MHA Unit 22, be advised MHA Supervisor Unit 11 is enroute to your location with an ETA of 55 minutes. Also, can you advise CPS Units 143 and 33 I need them back in service? We are now holding over 200 calls for service in the district. 12:01pm – MHA Unit 11 is on the scene with MHA Unit 22, CPS 143 and CPS 33. Dispatch, it would appear that there has been some type of accident at this location. I have two damaged CPS Prius units and one damaged MHA minivan. Can you please dispatch a city wrecker and a Municipal Damage Assessment Supervisor to this location. 12:30pm. - Well I’ve heard enough, and I need a nap. This night shift is kicking my butt. I’d better get some rest before tonight’s shift starts. I don’t want to miss anything. And they said retirement was going to be boring * * If you don’t think this stupidity can happen in your city? Just defund your PD and sit back and watch. By the way, MHA, CPS, MDAA and MHD are all hiring in our city. 38 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 39

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