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OCT 2020 Blues Vol. 36 No. 10

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OCT 2020 Blues Vol. 36 No. 10

Humble 0,000 Police

Humble 0,000 Police ..what Chief it won’t Delbert get you. Dawes retires after 33 years Retirement. A word which encompasses the culmination of years of ups, downs, laughter and tears, coupled with all of our hopes and dreams. Especially in this career of ours. After decades of service to the citizens of Humble, Texas a good man, a great friend has reached that bittersweet moment whereby he and his family get to realize and enjoy all those beautiful moments which the word Retirement represents. This fella and I first met at a Chief’s Continuing Training Course down in Galveston. We just instantly hit it off, as the old saying goes. Our leadership style and ideology were nearly one in the same. Sincerely, take good care of your people and they’ll not only take good care of you, they’ll consistently go above and beyond for everyone in the community. Now to be fair, I was a bit late to his retirement ceremony. Even when I arrived, I lingered out in the lobby a few moments. There was a real sense of loss and apprehension I felt within my heart. For I knew, one of the finest Chiefs of Police in the State of Texas was retiring. Selfishly, I also knew my friend would no longer be just down the road from me. Once I finally walked in, we saw each from across this large room and I’ll be, if my allergies didn’t immediately start acting up. But I was so proud of and happy for him, too. Lord above knows, after decades of service, he has surely earned this day!!! In our careers, there are supervisors and department heads whom we loath. They were incorrigible people with seemingly, no since of loyalty, sincerity or compassion. Then there are those we meet whom we’d be better people if we fulfilled our aspirations to be more like them. To be caring, compassionate, sincere and loyal unto those whom serve with them, not “under” them. Chief Delbert Daws was and shall always be the latter to me and to many others throughout the State of Texas. Why, there’s many a Chief out there this morning who’d sure wish they could be as good of a *PAGE 16 8 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 9

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