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OCT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 10.1

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OCT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 10.1 WE REMEMBER: We say good bye to a true hero, Senior Police Officer William “Bill” Jeffrey. FEATURE STORIES: • Biden Try’s To Eliminate Border Mounted Officers • Washington Try’s To Shift Focus From Drone Strike To Baseless Whipping Story At The Border • Who Wants To Be A Cop Part 6 DEPARTMENTS • Publisher’s Thoughts Part I. • Editor’s Thoughts • Your Thoughts • News Around the State • News Around the Country • Products & Services -Alternative Ballistics • Honoring our Fallen Heroes • Warstories • Aftermath • Open Road-Mustang Mach E Goes to Patrol • Healing Our Heroes • Daryl’s Deliberations • HPOU-From the President, Douglas Griffith • Light Bulb Award • Running 4 Heroes • Blue Mental Health with Tina Jaeckle • Off Duty with Rusty Barron • Parting Shots • Now Hiring - L.E.O. Positions Open in Texas • Last Page -Take Out the Trash

PART I - Cancel Culture

PART I - Cancel Culture Sweeps Biden & Washington TO LETHAL FORCE Thirty-seven years ago, this magazine was founded on one principal and one principal only. To give the employees of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department a method by which their voice could be heard. Was it popular with the brass who got an earful on a monthly basis? No. Was it effective in opening up lines of communication between the two? Absolutely. The First Amendment guarantees us freedoms regarding religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. The BLUES has always operated within the framework our ancestors crafted. For 37 years, anyone that had something to say, good or bad, had the opportunity to voice that opinion here in the BLUES, and that continues to this day. But what about national politics? Should the BLUES, a magazine devoted to serving law enforcement and first responders, take sides on a national scale? For the first time in our lengthy history, our cover and feature story take us to the dirty side of national politics. Now if you ask our business consultants, they will tell you that the minute you choose a side, you’re going to lose half your reading audience. You could in fact loose ad revenue if your political opinions clash with the beliefs of your sponsors. Well, I guess that’s a risk I’ll have to take. What’s happening in this country is an atrocity and to sit back and say nothing is exactly what they want you to do. And by “they” I mean the extreme left, the entire Biden administration, Pelosi, and her evil bunch in Congress. Their entire agenda is to force you into silence for fear that anything you say will be construed as racial bias and therefore you are CANCELLED. YOU become the problem. YOU are the reason for their failures, not them. Everything that doesn’t fit their agenda is the fault of someone else. I’m not going to get into voter fraud and lost elections or even what the world would look like if Donald Trump were still President. This goes way past that. When you see billboards on the interstate in California promoting the fact that you no longer have to choose the sex of your child at birth and have the option to indicate on their birth certificate that the sex is: MICHAEL BARRON UNDECIDED AT THIS TIME. That is what’s wrong with this country. At birth, GOD decided your sex for you. PERIOD! If you elect to change that at a later date, that’s a personal choice for you to make. When you’re mature enough to make that decision. The government shouldn’t be encouraging young kids to make a choice as to what SEX they want to continue to be. But again, it’s the entire CAN- CEL CULTURE. If you don’t agree with us, you’re against us. You’re the problem, not us. We can disagree on this and a million other things, but that doesn’t mean your opinion, or my opinion doesn’t matter. They both matter. One doesn’t cancel out the other. But I’m not writing a book here, so I’ll get to the point and our feature story: the agenda of the Biden administration to do INSTANTLY CONVERTS SERVICE WEAPON TO LESS LETHAL PLATFORM EXTREMELY ACCURATE UP TO 32 FEET & REGISTERS AIS RANGE LEVEL 2 DESIGNED TO INCAPACITATE A NON-COMPLIANT SUSPECT & SAFELY AFFECT AN ARREST ONCE THE UNIT IS DEPLOYED, SERVICE WEAPON INSTANTLY RETURNS TO LETHAL FORCE CAPABILITY ENDORSED BY LEADERS AND PROFESSIONALS FROM THE LE COMMUNITY 619.326.4411 INFO@ALTERNATIVEBALLLISTICS.COM WWW.ALTERNATIVEBALLISTICS.COM 6 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 7

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