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SEPT 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 9

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SEPT 2020 Blues Vol 36 No 9

SEPTEMBER, 2020 • VOL. 36 NO. 9 THE TEAM C O N T R I BUT O R S MICHAEL BARRON publisher REX EVANS editor-n-chief MISTY ROBERTS editor RUSTY BARRON outdoor editor TINA JAECKLE blue mental health REBECCA CESARI sales manager houston/south texas PHIL PIERCE sales manager north texas T. EDISON light bulb award JOE GAMALDI contributing writer BROOKE CORMIER contributing writer RANDALL UPTON contributing writer TOM KENNEDY contributing writer MIKE & KEIRA KNOX contributing writers JESSICA SCHLADEBECK contributing writer The BLUES Police Magazine is published monthly by Kress-Barr, LLC, PO Box 2733, League City Texas 77574. The opinions expressed in some articles, op-eds, and editorials are those of the author and do not reflect the opinion of The BLUES or its parent company. Rebuttals or submission of news articles and editorials may be submitted to: The BLUES Police Magazine @ The entire contents of The BLUES are copyrighted© and may not be reprinted without the express permission of the publisher. The BLUES logo is a Trademark of Kress-Barr, LLC. FEATURES DEPARTMENTS On the Cover / Feature Story We look back at 50 years of service of the Houston Police Air Support Division. And heartbreaking stories by two First Responder’s families on what happened on that dreadfull day in May. 36 HPD Air Support - 50 years of Service Remembering that tragic day, 46 Chase Cormier 50 Jason Knox 56 Airborne L.E. - Flying the Skies over Houston 74 Gone But Not Forgotten, HPD Officer Walter C. “Tiny” Romund 04 Publisher’s Thoughts 06 Editor’s Thoughts 08 Your Thoughts 16 News Around the State 20 News Around the Country 60 Running 4 Heroes 72 HPOU Editorial by President, Joe Gamaldi 76 Honoring Fallen Heroes 84 Parting Shots 86 Genius Award 88 Last Minute, Breaking News 90 Now Hiring - L.E. Positions Open in Texas 2 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 3 26 30 66 70 82 BLUE MENTAL HEALTH by TINA JAECKLE

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