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SEPT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 9

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SEPT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 9 Features • Remembering Those We Lost - 13 Brave U.S. Soldiers in Kabul - First Responders on 9/11 - Blues Co-Founder Nat Gutierrez - Officers Lost to COVID • 9/11 Attacks Shape Today’s FBI • Jaeson Jones: Battle at the Border Departments • Publisher’s Thoughts: Part I & II • Editor’s Thoughts • Guest Editorial - Samantha Horwitz • Your Letters • News Around the Country • Warstories & Aftermath • Light Bulb Award: Judge Abigail Anastasio • Open Road: Paint Protection for your new car • Hundreds of NEW JOB LISTINGS

from me. I often thought

from me. I often thought and still think to myself “How in the world did Darren ever want to be like me when all I ever wanted to be, was like him?” The whole world seemingly changed the night we lost you. Not just individually, for each one of us who loved you and cared for you. I mean literally, the whole world just changed. Harris County and the whole country in fact, reeled from the violent attack upon you. I honestly do not believe we ever really recovered. Nor am I sure we ever will. For such a profound loss seems to remain for all eternity. Much like this morning though, I personally choose to think of your life, not your death. I choose to remember our friendship, laughter and time together. Not of the short, few moments you spent at that Chevron Station six years ago today. In the end, no matter what, I am and shall always be your friend, your brother in blue. I shall forevermore mourn for and miss you. But I’ll never forget nor forsake the beautiful, brilliant light of a life you lived either. Please take care of yourself up there in Heaven above. Try not to fret or worry too much about your family and friends down here. You and Sandeep and some of the other guys, y’all just watch over us and one day, I sincerely pray I can see you all once again. Who knows, maybe we’ll solve some more problems for the S.O. (Stupid grin and tears here). I’ll end with the same way we always parted, “Take care, brother. See you soon,” because “Goodbye” is like forever, and that just won’t work for me. FOREVER YOUR FRIEND. NOLA SUSPECTS BOTH were known criminal street gang members, and BOTH were out on bond. One for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and the other for aggravated robbery. This vicious cycle of “bond reform” is costing the lives of good, innocent, and law-abiding men, women and children, every day in Harris County. And now, tragically it has cost the life of a dedicated Homicide Detective from New Orleans who wanted nothing more than to come to Houston and dine with his good friends at a famous Houston landmark restaurant. Bond reform has been a complete and utter disaster and failure. Costing the lives of good people while the not so good just laugh as they walk out of jail, on bond, to commit more crimes against the innocent. As for me and those who wear a badge like me, we’ll keep doing what we do to the best of our ability. I can assure you, this revolving door of bond reform in Harris County has nothing to do with us. I assure you, we’re risking our lives daily, doing our part…. Heartbroken, frustrated rant over. TIME FOR CHANGE HONORING HUNTER LOPEZ Hunter’s father and mother serve their community in law enforcement (Riverside, California) and he was planning on joining the sheriff’s department like his parents when he returned from deployment. One of his last acts of service was bringing this little boy in Afghanistan to safety … carried him on his shoulders for five miles. Rest In Peace, Hunter Lopez. May we honor your service and bravery. May your memory be a light in all of us. SHERIFF ED GONZALEZ DEPUTY CLINT SEAGLE, CLAY COUNTY Clay County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Clint Seagle passed away Sunday after a long battle with COVID-19. Deputy Seagle has been a devoted member of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office since 2006. He also proudly served his country for 21 years in the United States Navy. Deputy Seagle served the residents of Clay County in Patrol, Traffic, and most recently, the Civil Unit. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and we will remember his service to our county and our country always. CLAY COUNTY SO Got something to say? Send your comments to: Police star worn by fallen CPD Officer Ella French, soared above the Chicago skyline one last time. Her star was on-board with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels during their demonstration at Chicago’s air and water show. Today fallen Officer French flew with the Angels. #NeverForget #CPDMediaCar 20 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 21

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Mexico border War at the border Jaeson jones Aftermath Warstories Remembering 911 Covid deaths Police news Blues news Law enforcement Blues Covid Recruit Wwwbluespdmagcom


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