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SEPT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 9

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SEPT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 9 Features • Remembering Those We Lost - 13 Brave U.S. Soldiers in Kabul - First Responders on 9/11 - Blues Co-Founder Nat Gutierrez - Officers Lost to COVID • 9/11 Attacks Shape Today’s FBI • Jaeson Jones: Battle at the Border Departments • Publisher’s Thoughts: Part I & II • Editor’s Thoughts • Guest Editorial - Samantha Horwitz • Your Letters • News Around the Country • Warstories & Aftermath • Light Bulb Award: Judge Abigail Anastasio • Open Road: Paint Protection for your new car • Hundreds of NEW JOB LISTINGS

Congratulations to Alan

Congratulations to Alan Helfman Alan Helfman Has HCC Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Program Named After Him. Congratulations are in order for Alan Helfman! The President of 5 Helfman Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Fiat, Maserati, and Ford dealerships, and HCC Foundation Ambassador. Alan’s generous philanthropy, which earned him The BLUES Lifetime Achievement Award, now has the Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Program named after him at Houston Community College. When it comes to community giving, Alan Helfman does it all- he donates resources, time, and helps raise funds for countless causes. A native Houstonian, he supports numerous philanthropic efforts throughout the city, but one of his obvious passions includes supporting law enforcement. The Board of Trustees of Houston Community College unanimously approved at the May 19th HCC Board meeting the naming of the Alan Helfman Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Program. The board is extremely grateful for Alan’s many contributions to HCC and sincerely appreciate all that he does for the college and its students. On Tuesday, August 24th, HCC Board members along with HPD Chief Troy Finner, Former HPD Chief Clarence Bradford, Harris County Constable Jerry Garcia, as well as other dignitaries gathered at HCC to officially unveil the Alan Helfman Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Program. Alan thanked HCC for the privilege of having the program named after him and thanked his parents for teaching him to share his wealth with those less fortunate. Helfman also thanked his wife and children for allowing him time to attend all the functions and fundraisers as well as the opportunity to give back to the community. The Helfman family is focused on serving first-responders, particularly those who have been injured or the families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. They personally have conducted more than 100 fundraising events for several law enforcement agencies, particularly the Houston Police Officers’ Union. In a video produced for the naming ceremony, (CLICK HERE TO WATCH) Alan discusses the importance of investing within his own community, and HCC often getting overlooked in comparison to the big Universities around Texas. He believes HCC is a cornerstone of building a good community and giving folks an opportunity for education and jobs over crime and drugs. Alan also speaks on how important benevolence is to him and his family, that he is proud to be able to donate vehicles every year to various philanthropic causes. Helfman is a household name within Houston law enforcement. He has been a constant and powerful supporter of HPD Officers and other law enforcement causes over the years. Always going over and above to lend a hand and generously donate his time and resources. He’s personally given over million of his own money to the Houston Police Department (HPD). “My passion for the HPD is helping the widows pay the bills and stay in their homes, helping the guys who are hurt or sick—it’s really good money.” Houston is fortunate to have Helfman and we are appreciative of his kind philanthropic work! The BLUES is thankful to have Alan and his five dealerships endorse our magazine and we are equally thankful that Alan remains a champion for law enforcement in Houston. Congratulations for another job well done. 22 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 23

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Mexico border War at the border Jaeson jones Aftermath Warstories Remembering 911 Covid deaths Police news Blues news Law enforcement Blues Covid Recruit Wwwbluespdmagcom


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