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SEPT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 9

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SEPT 2021 Blues Vol 37 No. 9 Features • Remembering Those We Lost - 13 Brave U.S. Soldiers in Kabul - First Responders on 9/11 - Blues Co-Founder Nat Gutierrez - Officers Lost to COVID • 9/11 Attacks Shape Today’s FBI • Jaeson Jones: Battle at the Border Departments • Publisher’s Thoughts: Part I & II • Editor’s Thoughts • Guest Editorial - Samantha Horwitz • Your Letters • News Around the Country • Warstories & Aftermath • Light Bulb Award: Judge Abigail Anastasio • Open Road: Paint Protection for your new car • Hundreds of NEW JOB LISTINGS

Off-Duty New Orleans

Off-Duty New Orleans Detective Shot & Killed at Galleria Area Restaurant Detective Everette Briscoe had only been in Houston a few hours when he and another member of the Zulu Social Club were shot while dining on the patio of the Grotto Restaurant. HOUSTON, Texas –An off-duty New Orleans Detective, Everette Briscoe, was killed Saturday August 21, at a Houston restaurant after arriving with friends. Briscoe was part of the Zulu Social Club, a New Orleans organization known for its elaborate Zulu parade each year during Mardi Gras. He and a group of Zulu members had traveled from New Orleans to Houston to meet with other Zulu members who now live in the area. Elroy James, president of the Zulu Social Club, told ABC13 the group had dropped off their bags at Hotel Derek before walking to Grotto Ristorante in the 4700 block of Westheimer. As the group mingled at Grotto, James said he walked to CVS at about 5 p.m. to pick up some items. “While I was looking for the pain medicine, my phone rang and it said, ‘Elroy, you got to come back. They shot DJ,’” James recalled. “I was kind of startled and said, ‘What do you mean? I just left.’ And they said, ‘They shot DJ. You got to come back. And they’ve shot [Briscoe] as well.’” When he got back to the restaurant, James said he saw Dyrin Riculfy, also known as DJ, in the chair he had been sitting in. He added that at the time he arrived, he saw a group of men comforting Briscoe, who was still conscious and alert. “He was certainly alert, and they were trying to keep him calm while I immediately dialed 911, trying to get some medical attention and police officers on the scene,” James said, adding that Briscoe got up at one point before his group insisted he stay put. HFD Paramedics arrived and performed lifesaving efforts but despite their efforts, Briscoe was pronounced dead at the scene. While it’s still unclear what led to the shooting, James said he heard from other members that the suspects approached them, demanded they put their hands up and started shooting, striking Briscoe and Riculfy. He adds that the suspects did not ask for or take any property from the men. “We had just been in Houston for two hours. So, it’s certainly strange to me that we had not even gotten out of our travel clothes, most of us, and this occurs,” James said. In a statement by HPD Chief Finner, witnesses stated that the suspects attempted to rob the customers on the patio when for whatever reason, then they just started shooting. Briscoe, a 13-year veteran, leaves behind his wife and their two sons who are 10 and 16 years old. Surveillance video from nearby businesses showed the two men who are believed to be the suspects. One was seen wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans. The other was wearing black pants with a white hoodie. They left the scene in a gray or silver Nissan Altima that had paper tags. In a press conference held on Sunday, HPD Chief Finner was visibly upset by the senseless shooting of yet another police officer. Finner and Chief Shaun Ferguson of NOLA PD are close friends and Finner assured Ferguson he wouldn’t rest until these thugs were behind bars. ** UPDATE: Dyrin Riculfy died from his injuries on Tuesday, August 31. Two Suspects Arrested and Charged in the Shooting Death of NOLA Officer. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- HPD arrested two men suspected of shooting and killing an off-duty New Orleans Detective, Everette Briscoe, in the Galleria area. 19-year-old Frederick Jackson and 21-year-old Anthony Jenkins were both charged with capital murder. Both were arrested in the days following Briscoe’s murder at the Grotto restaurant in Houston and after Houston businessman Tillman Fertitta offered a 0,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. Briscoe’s friend, Dyrin Riculfy, was also shot during the encounter and is still in critical condition at a Houston hospital. While detectives withheld specific details on how they determined the two men as suspects, they stated research on the motive and the vehicle, as well as several Crime Stoppers tips, led investigators to them. Jenkins was arrested at an apartment complex in southwest Houston, where investigators seized a Nissan Altima that matched the description of the vehicle that had fled the shooting. Jackson was arrested on Thursday, taken into custody by a SWAT team. During a news conference on Friday, August 27 to announce the arrests, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg hinted at seeking the death penalty in the case due to the capital murder charge. Ogg revealed that both men were out on bond for previous crimes, also lamenting that fact during the event. “It should surprise no one, at this point in Harris County, Texas, that both individuals were already out on bond,” Ogg said. According to the district attorney, Jackson was out for an aggravated robbery from 2020 in which he allegedly followed someone home from the Galleria area. His bond was forfeited earlier this year, and earlier this month, Jackson failed to appear for a court hearing, which, in its wake, led to the discovery that his ankle monitor was cut off. Detectives further stated the two men are also connected to other robberies in the area, specifically targeting people for high-end jewelry. All indications from Briscoe’s killing showed the shooting stemmed from a robbery gone bad, police said. Ogg speculated that the pair committed the robbery attempt in order to raise bail money for a friend. 24 The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE The BLUES POLICE MAGAZINE 25

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