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SEPT 2022. Blues Vol 38 No. 9

FEATURES 42 When the Time Comes, Will You be Ready? 44 After Uvalde, How Much Training is Enough? 48 Why Solo-Officer Active Shooter Response Should be Trained 52 Will You Take the Pledge? 56 Products to Make Your School Safer 58 The Evolution of Police Cars DEPARTMENTS 6 Publisher’s Thoughts 8 Editor’s Thoughts 12 Guest Commentary - Bill King 16 News Around the US 38 Breaking News 70 Calendar of Events 74 Remembering Our Fallen Heroes 90 War Stories 94 Aftermath 100 Open Road 104 Healing Our Heroes 106 Daryl’s Deliberations 108 Light Bulb Award 110 Running 4 Heroes 112 Blue Mental Health with Dr. Tina Jaeckle 114 Off Duty with Rusty Barron 116 Ads Back in the Day 120 Parting Shots 122 Buyers Guide 142 Now Hiring - L.E.O. Positions Open in Texas 184 Back Page


FROM THE PUBLISHER’S DESK Say Goodbye to ICE The Dodge Charger joins the Crown Vic as the last of the true police sedans. Well folks, it looks like the last true Patrol Sedan is all but gone. That’s right, the Dodge Charger Pursuit Vehicle will end production with the 2023 model year. And most likely, if you haven’t placed your order for the 23’s, chances are you won’t be getting any of those either. The Charger will join the Crown Vic in the Patrol Car Hall of Fame as just another Shop our predecessors used to drive. The days of Mopar’s with Hemi engines and horrible brakes are coming to an end as the world turns to EVs. For the time being, departments rely on Ford ‘s Utility Interceptor, also known as the Explorer or the Chevy Tahoe. Sprinkled in among those are Ford and Chevy pickups, and in rare cases, Chevy Camaros and Dodge Challengers, serve as pursuit vehicles. I just returned from the Fleet Patrol Conference and Expo in Austin, and of course the big news is all EV. ICE is going away, and EV is here to stay. At the show, Ford showed off their new Lightening F150 and admittedly it’s a damn fine pickup. I have no doubt the Lightening will find its way into the fleets of PD’s across the country. It has the battery life and durability that’s required for patrol and extending idling. Chevy also joined the party with its Silverado and it too, seemed like a durable truck and suitable for the mission at hand. And then there was the Model PD - The MODEL PD is the first all-electric duty ready police vehicle. The MODEL PD has been engineered for performance and safety. Built on the Tesla Model Y platform, the MODEL PD has enhanced acceleration, expanded cargo space and unprecedented fuel economy making MODEL PD the future of policing. That’s their words, not mine. I guess only time will tell if a Tesla has what it takes to chase bad guys. There’s no doubt they are fast enough, but one only needs to watch a few chase videos on YouTube and see that most end with the bad guys slamming into one shop after another. Swap out those heavy-duty Tahoe’s for Tesla’s and I’m pretty sure MICHAEL BARRON they won’t last long. I did meet NYPD Deputy Commissioner Robert Martinez who purchased a fleet of Tesla Model 3’s to use on patrol in areas of New York where long-distance driving isn’t an issue. In fact, NY plans to install charging spots throughout the city, so whenever you park your patrol car, you just plug it in. So, I guess for patrol in small communities, neighborhood patrols or downtown patrols, The Tesla might work out. This month begins our 3-part series into the evolution of the American Patrol Car. Part 1 is a look back at the last 75 years, Part 2 next month is a look at the 2023 models and the latest equipment upfitters are installing and finally in October we look towards the future and what cops in 2044 will be driving, or flying? 6 The BLUES The BLUES 7

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